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MRSA infection – updated information from Mayo Clinic

The basic, but thorough and always useful MRSA Infection page at has been updated, you might want to check it out for the newest up-to-date information and statistics about MRSA. The areas covered in the article are: Signs and … Continue reading

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Taking steps to fight antibiotic resistance

One of the first, foremost and most important things that need to be done to begin the fight against MRSA and other antibiotic resistant bacteria is changing of long ingrained habits. Doctors who are still ready to write an antibiotic … Continue reading

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Ear Candling to rid yourself of infection?

Have you tried this before? I have not, but actually have some ear candles in my drawer d’beauty and have for awhile. Maybe I will give it a try. Anyway, a manufacturer of ear candles offers up some information about … Continue reading

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Another Warning for Salon Customers

As you may or may not know, MRSA in salons holds an extra sensitive place in me, as I have been a nail tech for more than 20 years now. Rather than totally repeat myself, which I love to do … Continue reading

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Your Cellphone, an MRSA Biohazard?

Yep, it is. And while we’re at it, your remote control is too. Do you ever clean that thing??? Men’s Health magazine has always been at the forefront of bringing attention to MRSA when no one else has. They currently … Continue reading

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Teams Getting Serious about fighting Staph

Virginia Tech has joined some other big name sports teams in becoming pro-active in the fight against bacteria. They have sprayed all of their surfaces this week (equipment, facilities, turf and anything else they can find) with an antimicrobial solution … Continue reading

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MRSA in Kern County, Bakersfield, CA

General information about the existance of MRSA for the residents of Bakersfield, CA area, where there are a significant number of people with MRSA. BAKERSFIELD — A week after an Oildale boy died from a staph infection, more attention is … Continue reading

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A Young OK athlete recovers from CA-MRSA!

Here is yet another story, but one with a happy ending unlke so many others, of a healthy young athlete acquiring CA-MRSA. This is the same story I hear over and over, and the same story we went through. Jerod … Continue reading

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Welcome to my new home, MRSA Notes!

I am so proud and happy to bring my MRSA news out from the dark back alleys of MRSAResources to b5media, where we have the most wonderful science and health channel growing and blooming! I am not a doctor, scientist, … Continue reading

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CNN Video on MRSA

See what a great job April did talking about her battle with MRSA – I know I have heard from many of you who saw the show on CNN, I hope more of you will see it now and learn … Continue reading

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Some basic information about Probiotics

Probiotics have been *quite* a hot topic of conversation around these places I frequent of late and I have seen them referenced a little more frequently in the media as well. I am a big believer in probiotics as well … Continue reading

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Merck and new antibiotics – platensimycin

Researchers are working hard to find new ways to fight MRSA and other resistant bacteria, and one of the ways they are doing it beyond just finding new chemicals that kill it and not you is by finding new and … Continue reading

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Transcript from Anderson Cooper CNN

In case you missed it – April did an amazing job for CNN! Come join us in the MRSA forum if you would like support or just to talk about your experiences with MRSA. Here is the transcript: COOPER: It … Continue reading

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Another mention in the mainstream media – these are few and far between, but thankfully MRSA is getting a little more attention every day. April, one of our forum members, and her family were featured on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 … Continue reading

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USA300 Strain of MRSA

Scientists are aware of a particular strain of MRSA, dubbed USA300 that is spreading throughout the communities in the US rapidly, causing necrotizing fasciitis. This strain is resistant to four classes of antibiotics and scientists are studying it closely to … Continue reading

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Is beach busy? So are germs – The Honolulu Advertiser

Related to the earlier article about the man who contracted MRSA on a sewage filled beach in Hawaii, is this article, which refutes the sewage theory in favor of the “lots of swimmers=lots of S. aureus” theory. Hmm. Wonder if … Continue reading

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Can you prove where you contracted MRSA?

This is a mighty interesting article – this Hawaiian man contracted MRSA in a lesion on his foot and although the “state” says there is no way to prove that the infection came from the beach, this man disagrees. Do … Continue reading

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MRSA Outbreak in Anniston, Alabama

From WIAT TV-42 CBS: Healthcare workers in Calhoun County are scrambling to find the reason for a staph infection outbreak. Doctors say, the best way to prevent the spread of the possibly fatal infection is a simple every day task.Hospitals … Continue reading

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TCS Daily – Bad Bugs, Few Drugs

This article is about the lack of drugs to combat the ever increasing variety of antibiotic resistant bacteria that are growing more and more popular. I often say that the problem with new antibiotics is that it is very difficult … Continue reading

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Showers are not “Cool???”

This is a bit of a sad statement, to say the least. Showers not “cool?” Since when did showers have a coolness factor anyway. This is what you do, for your health. We are the adults, we make the rules. … Continue reading

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Phage therapy, explained

This is a nicely simplified “tale” of how phages work to destroy bacteria without destroying YOU, which is the big problem with finding antibiotics. It has become increasingly difficult to find drugs that kill these very tough, stubborn bacteria without … Continue reading

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