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UK Actress Leslie Ash Sues Hospital

Leslie Ash, an actress in the UK well known as an advocate for cleaner hospitals, reportedly has initiated a lawsuit against the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London where she acquired MRSA during hospitalization in 2004. No more info available … Continue reading

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MRSA Healing Water – Dermacyn from Oculus

This is all over the tubes today – Dermacyn, the miracle water that heals MRSA. You’re not supposed to drink it, but apply it to your wounds. Dermacyn is manufactured by Oculus, and is a supercharged salt water solution that … Continue reading

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The Dearly Departed.

Sadly, I have decided to pull MRSA Notes out of b5media, as I am just a little too busy to be able to keep up my end of my committment with b5media, and since I love them so much, I … Continue reading

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Herpes Virus Might Protect You From Bacteria

This is a topic that we could probably talk about all day long – from about 100 different angles – but it is very interesting news. Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have discovered that mice with a herpes virus … Continue reading

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Grant Cawte at the World Transplant Games

Here is a feel good story for you – Grant Cawte, who has survived more unsurvivable illnesses than anyone I can think of – is representing Great Britain in the World Transplant Games this summer in Bangkok.  Grant has come … Continue reading

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An MRSA Victim’s Wish

Do you know about the Robin Hood Fund?  This is a really nifty charity site appealing both to the fun and to the serious.  Make a wish, either naughty or nice, and the users vote on who’s wish to grant.  … Continue reading

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MRSA Post Laparoscopic Surgery

This is another story of an MRSA battle sent in by a reader.  She acquired MRSA from laparoscopic surgery, which infected her bloodstream.  She is lucky and is recovering.  Here is her story: On Oct 13th of 2004 I went home … Continue reading

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Dream Mom’s MRSA Pneumonia Story

Last year this time, you may remember reading Dream Mom’s dramatic story of her son’s battle with MRSA pnemonia.  I know I do.  She is an unbelievably strong woman, and a beautiful writer.  Anyway, she is reposting her story from … Continue reading

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MRSA in C-Section Wound

This is a story of a woman who acquired MRSA in her C-section wound.  Remember these tips when you go into the hospital for any invasive procedure. I had a baby March 2, 2007. I was is surgery for 3 … Continue reading

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Denver Child Thanks Doctors After MRSA Battle

 Four year old Caleb Noblitt survived an MRSA infection in his pelvis and spine, and is part of a video on channel 4 in Denver – looking just as vibrant as a little child should.  Bless his heart, I can … Continue reading

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President APIC Chicago Suggests Alternative Legislation

There is legislation in Illinois that we should keep an eye on – they are trying to pass a bill in the legislature that is accused of being too narrow in focus and not based on scientific evidence (House Bill … Continue reading

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Houston VA Hospital Installs GeneXpert System for On-Demand MRSA Testing

I mentioned the GeneXpert system a couple of weeks ago, when it was approved by the FDA, and now I am happy to say that the the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center in Houston, TX has announced that they … Continue reading

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Fight MRSA With A Frog

Hmm. It is interesting to me how Mother Nature holds the secrets to taking care of us. Sometimes all of the artifical compounds in the world don’t hold a candle to something already here on this earth. This isn’t the … Continue reading

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More on MRSA and Tattooing and How To Protect Yourself

This is a hard story to refute – three young men all got tattoos together at Lil Smitty’s, a Blue Island, Illinois tattoo parlor, and all three broke out with MRSA staph infections all over their brand new art. Illinois … Continue reading

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Jarvis Moss Suffered Staph Infection

Jarvis Moss, the first round draft pick of the Denver Broncos, suffered a staph infection two years ago that brings back memories of our ordeal, and might for you too: If I showed you film of what he was like … Continue reading

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