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More on MRSA and Tattooing and How To Protect Yourself

This is a hard story to refute – three young men all got tattoos together at Lil Smitty’s, a Blue Island, Illinois tattoo parlor, and all three broke out with MRSA staph infections all over their brand new art. Illinois … Continue reading

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CDC Podcast on MRSA and Community Acquired Pneumonia

A speedy minute of health from the CDC this week covers Staphylococcus aureus quick and dirty in a podcast on the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, and can be accessed here. Here you can find the PDF transcript, but one … Continue reading

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Dr. Mercola on Probiotics

This is a video from Dr. Mercola about probiotics – which are the good bacteria that lives in your system. I have written more information about probiotics and how they relate to your MRSA, and you can read more about … Continue reading

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Bacteria, Virus, Fungus

Do you know the difference between a bacteria and a virus? How about a virus and a fungus? Do you throw all of these words around interchangably, or maybe just call them all “germs?” Well, germs they certainly all are. … Continue reading

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Natural Selection and Infectious Diseases

Nah, Im not talking about natural selection selecting us hu-mans out, but the process of natural selection that keeps bacterial and viral infections growing stronger and more resistant all the time. While not directly related to MRSA, this article regarding … Continue reading

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