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Breakthrough in Understanding the Body’s Response To Staph Bacteria

A University of Missouri-Kansas City researcher has discovered an important element of how Staphylococcus aureus disables the body’s immune system. Normally, when a threating bacteria enters the body, the body sends immune system protiens that break into smaller protiens and … Continue reading

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Looking for HA-MRSA Patients in Missouri

A reporter is looking for HA-MRSA (hospital acquired MRSA) patients in the state of Missouri. If you happen to be interested in tellng your story and you fit the criteria, please email me at, and I will get you … Continue reading

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Impetigo in Kickapoo High School

15 football players have acquired impetigo, a rash caused by Staphylococcal bacteria – thankfully it is not the antibiotic resistant bacteria (MRSA), but the high school is taking the opportunity to thoroughly santize its athletic areas. About impetigo: Impetigo mainly … Continue reading

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Brandon Stafford’s MRSA Story

Brandon, a 2 yr old boy is discovered to have a CA-MRSA infection after a fall. From the Missouri News Tribune: On May 4, two-year-old Brandon Stafford of Jefferson City was happily bouncing up and down on a trampoline while … Continue reading

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Jack Snow, ESPN broadcaster, dies from Staph infection

Thanks to Tricia for sending me this: ST. LOUIS — Jack Snow, a star wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams and a longtime team broadcaster, died Monday night, the club said. He was 62. Snow had been hospitalized … Continue reading

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