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Dream Mom’s MRSA Pneumonia Story

Last year this time, you may remember reading Dream Mom’s dramatic story of her son’s battle with MRSA pnemonia.  I know I do.  She is an unbelievably strong woman, and a beautiful writer.  Anyway, she is reposting her story from … Continue reading

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Meet My Friend Rhoda…

Rhoda has started blogging over at MRSA Story, about her family’s experience with MRSA. She hasn’t been at it too long yet – it will be easy to catch up and then you definitely will want to follow the story. … Continue reading

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4 Considerations Regarding Pets and Infection

Did you know that your pets and other animals can carry MRSA? Well, they can. The most notable example is the story of Bella and Jill Moss, well documented at The Bella Moss Foundation (photo is of beautiful Bella). Also … Continue reading

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MRSA Skin Infections Can Lead to Bigger Troubles

Katy the Terrible has an MRSA skin infection and has been chronicling it in her journal. He said the patients who come in with it often think they might’ve been bitten by something – mosquito, spider, etc. Sometimes it can … Continue reading

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My MRSA Mission

This month, our channel-wide theme is the mission statement for our sites . We have a good many different sites in the Science & Health Channel – and I bet you will find as you read through them, most of … Continue reading

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