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MRSA Healing Water – Dermacyn from Oculus

This is all over the tubes today – Dermacyn, the miracle water that heals MRSA. You’re not supposed to drink it, but apply it to your wounds. Dermacyn is manufactured by Oculus, and is a supercharged salt water solution that … Continue reading

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StaphAseptic For Wound Care

I have mentioned this product really briefly in the past, but they have recently run a PR campaign, reminding me that it certainly bears mentioning once again. StaphAseptic is a wound care product, sold over the counter (and at, … Continue reading

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Vancomycin Linked to Abnormal Bleeding

The lifesaving antibiotic for MRSA, Vancomycin, has been linked to thrombocytopenia, a disorder that affects the platelet numbers in the blood, and therefore the blood’s ability to form clots and stop bleeding, according to a new study in the New … Continue reading

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Tea Tree Oil Linked to Antibiotic Resistance

I hate to hear this, but some folk’s favorite remedy for MRSA/Staph boils – tea tree oil (aka melaleuca oil) – has been proven to cause antibiotic resistance. What this means for you is that if tea tree oil has … Continue reading

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Chlorhexidine Gluconate Pre Surgery to Avoid HA-MRSA

As I mentioned pretty briefly last October, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) set new guidelines last year for infection control. One of the suggestions that they made (I say suggestions, because they are unfortunately not regulations that must be … Continue reading

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