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4 Considerations Regarding Pets and Infection

Did you know that your pets and other animals can carry MRSA? Well, they can. The most notable example is the story of Bella and Jill Moss, well documented at The Bella Moss Foundation (photo is of beautiful Bella). Also … Continue reading

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My MRSA Mission

This month, our channel-wide theme is the mission statement for our sites . We have a good many different sites in the Science & Health Channel – and I bet you will find as you read through them, most of … Continue reading

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Another Danger of Pets

Now, with 3 dogs, 10 cats, 2 sugar gliders, 10 chickens, 3 horses and 2 cows (all pets), I know there are some dangers associated with having pets. MRSA dangers, you might ask? Yep, there are MRSA dangers. This is … Continue reading

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UK Dog Recovers From MRSA Infection

Here is the happy story of Tarka, a dog owned by Terry Salisbury of the UK, who contracted MRSA after emergency surgery for gastric tortion. Tarka was not recovering as her owner had hoped, and a week or so later … Continue reading

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Natural antibiotics from Aspenbloom Pet Care

You will find that I just dearly love my friend Shadrach – yes, he is a dog, but certainly one of the brightest dogs around. He and his Mom, Kim Bloomer, are very educated on natural healing and have offered … Continue reading

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