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Our Own Peg McQueary’s MRSA Story on Nightline Tonight

My dear friend and the moderator of our MRSA forum, Peg McQueary, has her incredible story featured tonight on Nightline (11:35pm ABC).  I can’t begin to tell you how much Peg has touched my heart in the almost 3 years … Continue reading

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Tony Field Says “The True Extent is Being Hidden”

MRSA Support chairman, and friend, Tony Field has come out this week and accused Irish hospitals of discharging patients early, without MRSA testing, then when the patients come back in a few weeks, they call their MRSA “community-acquired.” All of … Continue reading

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Reader Looking for Toronto ID Doctor

I have a reader who has had recurrent problems with MRSA in her sinuses who needs to find a new doctor in Toronto – a referral to a good Infectious Disease specialist would be excellent. I know there are lots … Continue reading

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Invitation to Join our MRSA Forum

I notice in the poll in the sidebar (you HAVE answered the poll in the sidebar, right?), that so many of us are patients or caregivers of people with MRSA. I just want to extend an invitation to you to … Continue reading

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My MRSA Mission

This month, our channel-wide theme is the mission statement for our sites . We have a good many different sites in the Science & Health Channel – and I bet you will find as you read through them, most of … Continue reading

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