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Looking for volunteers who have MRSA to take anonymous research survey

The non-profit organization The Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics is looking for individuals who have or have had MRSA to fill out an anonymous survey and provide suggestions on how to improve it. The survey will help us … Continue reading

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MRSA Healing Water – Dermacyn from Oculus

This is all over the tubes today – Dermacyn, the miracle water that heals MRSA. You’re not supposed to drink it, but apply it to your wounds. Dermacyn is manufactured by Oculus, and is a supercharged salt water solution that … Continue reading

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Herpes Virus Might Protect You From Bacteria

This is a topic that we could probably talk about all day long – from about 100 different angles – but it is very interesting news. Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have discovered that mice with a herpes virus … Continue reading

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Fight MRSA With A Frog

Hmm. It is interesting to me how Mother Nature holds the secrets to taking care of us. Sometimes all of the artifical compounds in the world don’t hold a candle to something already here on this earth. This isn’t the … Continue reading

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Natural Selection and Infectious Diseases

Nah, Im not talking about natural selection selecting us hu-mans out, but the process of natural selection that keeps bacterial and viral infections growing stronger and more resistant all the time. While not directly related to MRSA, this article regarding … Continue reading

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