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MRSA Awareness in the Washington Times

The Washington Times begins its article about HA-MRSA awareness with a bang: The family thought about suing the hospital, but Maureen Daly said it was not possible because infection was listed as a risk that the family accepted in authorizing … Continue reading

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Weekend MRSA Links

Here are some links to some interesting MRSA related stories from over the weekend: Jessica Snyder Sach wonders why MRSA is such big news in Canada and the UK, but it’s not getting the same media coverage here. Can you … Continue reading

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External catheters reduce risk of urinary tract infection in men

No kidding. I think it is almost common knowledge that a huge amount of hospital infection comes from the use of urinary catheters, so it only makes sense that they would finally do a study on this. So now, researchers … Continue reading

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Showers are not “Cool???”

This is a bit of a sad statement, to say the least. Showers not “cool?” Since when did showers have a coolness factor anyway. This is what you do, for your health. We are the adults, we make the rules. … Continue reading

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Eva Ferguson’s battle with MRSA

Eva is a 19 year old in Washington state (I think!) who is battling an MRSA abcess in the armpit which presented itself directly after a battle with the flu. Remember that MRSA absolutely will take any opportunity to grow … Continue reading

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