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Join the National Body Challenge!The Discovery Channel is running their 3rd annual National Body Challenge for their viewers and has generously offered MRSA Resources 3 of the series companion books to give away to our readers! Read to the end of this article to see how to win one of them!

Here is more information about the National Body Challenge:


– NATIONAL BODY CHALLENGE Weigh-in January 14 & 15;

The Discovery Health Channel NATIONAL BODY CHALLENGE returns for its third year with a directive for America’s “growing” families – slim down together. The 2006 NATIONAL BODY CHALLENGE, for the first time, opens registration to individuals and families. The NATIONAL BODY CHALLENGE is a free, eight-week, multifaceted fitness and weight-loss challenge that provides Americans with the tools and information they need to get fit, shed extra pounds and adopt a healthier lifestyle. In its first two years, more than 700,000 participants lost nearly 300 tons.

In response to the rising adult and childhood obesity epidemic, this year’s Challenge focuses on improved health and weight loss for the entire family. All participants are provided access to comprehensive online health and fitness information, customizable diet and exercise tools and a free eight-week trial membership at Bally Total Fitness®. Additionally, registered families are provided with shared activities to achieve their weight loss goals. The four-part special, NATIONAL BODY CHALLENGE, airs January 15 & 16 and is designed to inspire and motivate participants.

“Discovery Health Channel is dedicated to providing its viewers with television that matters through its past, present and future programming,” says Eileen O’Neill, senior vice- president and general manager of Discovery Health Channel. “As the first television network to bring a national weight loss program to market, the addition of the family component to this year’s Challenge demonstrates our ongoing commitment to meeting the changing needs of our viewers and educating families about the full range of health issues necessary to live a healthy life.”


Online registration for the NATIONAL BODY CHALLENGE is available beginning December 30 at Residents of Chicago, New York, Houston, Washington, DC, Atlanta and Los Angeles also can register and weigh in on January 14 & 15, at a center court mall event hosted by a local Discovery Channel Store.

The NATIONAL BODY CHALLENGE is developed for participants and television viewers with the help of Discovery Health chief medical correspondent for nutrition and fitness Dr. Pamela Peeke and medical advisor Dr. Lydie Hazan in partnership with the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association.

Dr. Peeke, an internationally recognized expert, author and speaker in the fields of nutrition, metabolism, stress and fitness, develops resources suitable for men and women ages 18 and up. Dr. Peeke also will release a companion book entitled “National BODY CHALLENGE Success Program for the Whole Family.” The book is available in late December and features diet and exercise tips that can be used for year-round health and fitness.

While Dr. Peeke focuses on adults, Dr. Hazan concentrates her expertise on developing resources suitable for children and teenagers ages eight to 18. Dr. Hazan, a licensed pediatrician specializing in childhood obesity, is founder and medical director of Powerplay MD, an organization that empowers children to choose a better lifestyle through nutrition and fitness education.


The television series, NATIONAL BODY CHALLENGE, premieres January 15 from 8-10 PM (ET/PT). Presented over two consecutive nights, NATIONAL BODY CHALLENGE takes an in-depth look at obesity in America by following the physical and emotional journeys of four Los Angeles area families as they work together to achieve their weight loss goals and lead a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Peeke and Dr. Hazan, along with Bally Total Fitness® trainers, work with each family to keep them motivated and on target to reach their goals and change their lives.

LMNO Productions, Inc. produces the NATIONAL BODY CHALLENGE: THE FAMILY CHALLENGE on behalf of Discovery Health Channel. Eric Schotz, president of LMNO Productions, Inc., is executive producer along with Kathy Williamson and Ruth Rivin. Executive producer for Discovery Health Channel is Mark Poertner.

The NATIONAL BODY CHALLENGE is made possible by Bally Total Fitness®, Kashi® Company, Egg Beaters® and Florida’s Natural.

Discovery Health Channel takes viewers inside the fascinating and informative world of health and medicine to experience firsthand, compelling, real-life stories of medical breakthroughs and human triumphs. Currently in 59 million homes, Discovery Health Channel is the only 24-hour network and Web site ( devoted to what matters most – health.

Now, if you have made it this far, leave a comment (and be sure your email address is entered!), and on Thursday morning at 8 am Central Time I will draw for the winners!

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  1. This is so awesome!! I had no idea they’ve been doing this for three years now.


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