Family Battles MRSA, Needs Your Suggestions

I get letters like this every single day. Not quite as bad as this one every day, but sometimes worse and even more heartbreaking. I often don’t know what to tell these people who are suffering so, and having a hard time getting the proper response from their medical team. So, this one I am offering to you, and maybe you have some suggestions for this family:

Hello , my name is Susan (name changed), We have been battling MRSA for over a year. 3 out of 5 of us has had a bought with this. My husband andmMy two daughters all have a terrible repercutions with this break out. We have gotten to the point where Doctors have not given us much hope. We even have Doctered at the University of Minnesota of which are the best of the best. Sadly they to me have not helped and given us other options.

My daughter who is 14 is the carrier. Has been treated with vancomyocin as the last alterantive. Now is vancomyocin resistant.

Another daughter who is 4 is not the carrier but has had the worst break outs at one time she has had over 150 boils on her little body all of which were mrsa. Now is vancomycin resistant. She is the one who has suffered greatly with other medical issues also.

My husband who is 34 has had boughts of mrsa of which he needed to be hospitolized for.

Myself and our son has not had any break outs. No one can explain why we dont have the break out. We have a allergist that would like to see us have some blood tests to find out why we dont get the break out.

I am writing you this because I feel no one wants to help us anymore. Can you give us some help.

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  1. I had mrsa for 2 years. The agony was intense at night and the pain unbearable! I hated it. The medications did work for a min but it kept coming back! It would ozze and get worse and I hated going to the doctor all the time. Then one day i thought Id try something. I washed it EVERY 30 MINUTES no cheating and skipping washing’s with ivory soap. You can sleep at night but as soon as you wake up keep washing it every 30 minutes it only took me 3 days by doing it that way. It was so simple BUT IT WORKED, I was so happy now im trying to share it with people to see if it worked for them. Oh when you wash it was it 3 or 4 times each time. I had mrsa bad Im talking about golf ball size elisions spreading evevywhere for year and something as simple as that worked! Hope it works for you

  2. Jane says:

    Can you tell me if Tumeric ,Thyme ,Garlic ,can be used as a trement for MRSA in the lungs ,or could you advise me of any other remidies i can try. Jane

  3. Butterflymamma says:

    ALLIMED. If you have MRSA and have not heard about stabilized allicin, please research it. Allimed is a source available in the U.S.
    My baby daughter had mrsa starting at one week old. After antibiotics (which only cause the bacteria to burrow into organs), homeopathics, colloidial silver, probiotics and more I stumbled across stabilized allicin which comes from garlic. She is 2 now. We have been using allimed for 3 months and she is mrsa free.

  4. Emi says:

    I have tried a lot of things too as my family of three all have had mrsa for awhile.
    I started taking my daughter a new chiropractor who also did a technique called TBM or total body manipulation. I think it basically checks how your body is functioning using simple muscle testing.
    He found that my daughter’s mrsa had not cleared up because her body wasn’t recognizing it as even being there. So he connected her awareness to it so her own immune system would start taking care of it. Worked like a miracle!!!
    There is a TBM website that lists doctors who practice this technique in each state.

  5. Alcira says:

    My grandaughter has staphylococus aureas and it was spread already to my my daughter and her husband.
    About a month ago , the doctor said it is MRSA , and it doesn’t have cure . I start to investigate about this bacteria and get worried, and then I start to pray.
    In my investigation I found this website :
    hhtp:// that offers a cure , called NEW SILVER SOLUTION .
    They offer a course of eradication using the new silver solution , gel solution and you have to get the accesory kit .
    Up to now my grandaughter had use antibiotics with no result , in 4 months she had it 4 times.
    I am afraid about the effects of drinking the silver solution.
    Somebody has experience with these products that can help me ? Still I haven’t bought these products

  6. ESG says:

    Hello, I was just told that I have MRSA! It started with what I thought was a small mosquito bite under my armpit and then turned into what I thought was a pimple so I started to pop it. Thats when things got nasty!! In that armpit, I blew up and got 5 boils in total and then got one HUGE boil in my right armpit. I have been breastfeeding my newborn daughter the whole time and have stoppped due to the news of me having this bacterial disease. After reading all of your comments I am completely freaking out!! I am sooo scared that my baby is going to get it and I also have a 4 yr old son and am scared that he might get it to. How can I prevent them fro getting contaminated???? I am so scared! My husband had what I think is a boil on his leg but his cured with home care and I had to go thru some very painful hospital procedures!! My husband is from Panama and his mom seems to have some remedies that they use over there that cure boils. I will find out more and keep you all posted.

  7. Agnes says:

    Wanted to post that tumeric may not be safe in light of potential lead content, particularly for children. Tumeric comes from India and the articles are saying lead was found in both American and Indian brands (American brands also contain tumeric imported from India):

  8. Agnes says:

    Wanted to post that tumeric may not be safe in light of potential lead content, particularly for children. Tumeric comes from India and the articles are saying lead was found in both American and Indian brands (American brands also contain tumeric imported from India).

  9. mammalion says:

    we posted last year about my 2.5 year old daughter having mrsa on her skin. we got rid of it. in addition to strong advocacy with medical professionals – hard work with extra super clean housekeeping, persistence, and natural remedies to boost her immune system did the trick. no one else got it in our family. it’s been a year and we are mrsa free.

  10. BELL says:

    The antibiotic Linezolid (tradename zyvox) works 100% . It is very expensive, but you already can find a generic version. Add “generic” to your search term. Maximum 28 day’s. More antibiotics like this are present.

    A cheap combination (a much longer course) is with Rifampin. e.g. Rifampin with bactroban, Rifampin with minocycline, Rifampin with ciproflaxin.

    Much more is possible.

    For decolonization you can try out 30 minutes bath’s with one cup sodium hypochlorite (household bleach) up to four month’s.
    You can use a 1/10 dilution for frequent hand/feet washings. A surgical scrub starts at the tip of your fingers and ends above the elbow. Use a hand brush to scrub. The bleach will break down as oxygen in and on the skin. It’s an oxidizer. Some people will wash hands and feet with the 5% that comes in the bottle. It is an old antiseptic, and still used as an emergency substance for various biological contaminants.

    Another tip is to try out 70% sugar with iodine.
    (Povidone iodine)

    Zinc (nano zink) sits in sun screen, and is also active.

    Much more seems to be the case.
    Algae, essential oils, etc.

    Make sure not to mix harsh chemicals in and on the skin. Take time between various applications.
    Make a skin test with a plaster under the arm with the substance you intend to use before full application.

    Regulation of the pH of the body is mentioned as pivotal. You could use the french green clay (argil verde) or use baking soda, lemon juice or apple vinegar. The green clay is probably the best.

    Classic alkaline rich soaps(soap bar) are the best choice for regular use according many articles.

    You have also programs that include chelation
    (chelation therapy) of the skin and intestines.

    Enzyme therapy is also present….

    Antiobiotic can be boosted with taking green tea capsules.

    If you really have run into serious problems, than always remember that the international phage center in the Republic of Georgia can beat nearly every case. 95% success rate, and this number is not disputed in the media(New York Times)

    An agent resides in California, and there seems to exist a satellite clinic over the border in Tijuana, Mexico.

    You also have one Phage Institute in Poland, Warschau.

    Costs are between $4000.00 and $7000.00 per case, without flight and accommodation. Treatment will take up to three or four weeks.

    They have built a library of phage (virus like DNA) and if necessary they design a special one.

    The phage will knocks out the pathogenic strain you are with. They may combine series antibiotic with the phage therapy if thought necessary.

    The resistance distributed towards various organisms, resides probably on e-coli.
    You actually need to take out as well gram negatives, as gram positives to reach a full cure.

    Per definition all susceptibility/resistance towards existing antibiotic is strain dependent.

    If you have questions, please ask.

  11. BELL says:

    All was written without a spelling check, sorry for that, however as as far as it concerns decontamination of rooms. Ozone has been used to decontaminate rooms. You need a strong ozone machine and tape windows and doors. Leave the machine on. Repeat. Simple chlorox household bleach is also first line treatment for hard surfaces. Do not forget the shower curtains, and windows.

  12. Laurie says:

    Hi Christina,

    Just wanted to let you know. That you do not have to use bleach on clothing. One of the reasons bleach kills MRSA is through PH. Bleach is basic solution. Mrsa Thrives in acidic environments. ( that is why magnesium supplements can also help you fight MRSA as it is basic) You can change the PH balance in your wash with Borax. It is what my grandmother used. Try 20 Mule Team Borax add a scoop along with your detergent. – you can get it at almost any grocery store. It will kill the MRSA in your wash without having to go to all white. I know this because I have done extensive research on MRSA. I have 5 children one with Cystic Fibrosis. MRSA was a plague we dealt with for 3 years. My family had it over 35 times( can’t remember the exact number now may have been 40). Two of the children were hospitalized one lost part of his bone on the end of a finger because the Mrsa entered there into his bones. I realized that the medical community I was seeing was NO HELP. I even saw an infectious disease doc who had no solutions other than what I was already doing the regular recommendations bleach baths hand washing etc.. So with the help of my daughters CF docs, my dad who is a physician and my own research on the web as well as a Miracle from GOD. With much prayer my family has been MRSA free for 2 years. I recommend Mr. Clean multi surface read the instructions on the back of the bottle. It states clearly it kills MRSA. Borax for the laundry. And the main ingredient -The key -colloidal silver purchased at any health food store. My pharmacy now carries it and recommends it to others as a result of my families success. I used this instead of antibiotics along with the other things mentioned here and it worked. Probiotics – whether you eat tons of yogurt or take them as a supplement get them. turmeric is also helpful it is a natural anti inflammatory. There has also been research in using turmeric in treating alzhiemers and cancer. Magnesium supplement or milk of magnesia for the kids.
    All I can do is share my experience and what I have found. Do the research online yourself. We tried everything even moving and throwing away most of our things. I wish I had figured all this out before we did that, Because the MRSA came back after we moved. If you have recurring MRSA in your home, The things I mentioned above will help get rid of it. It worked for us and it was the only thing that did. If you have an open minded physician ask them about these natural cures. If he is not open minded he will advise against this I can assure you. However, these recommendations have been given to patients by some of our open minded docs after they saw our results. I have posted this information previously seems like people don’t readit or try it all I can do is post again.

    Good luck


  13. Tamara says:

    Hi Everybody
    We also had an outbreak in our family. 3 girls my husband and i. My girls got vancomicin in the hospital and than septra for all of us except the baby.
    We had one more outbreak and we treated it with
    Hydrogen Peroxide and covered the boils. It went faster away than before. We also don’t take anymore baths and we change our sheds weekly and hour towels daily. Until now we are o.k

  14. zane says:

    Hi all,i have been fighting mrsa & a whole lot of superbugs for eleven years now.i’ve spent many weeks in hospital of heavey antibiotics & five years straight on orals,to find out they only made myimmune system very weak & helped the bugs mutate & become stronger.I travelled to Georgia two years ago & had Phage therapy & they killed all the superbugs except mrsa.It was incredible to walk in feeling like i was near dead & in three weeks a new man.I still am fighting mrsa,but my immune system is sooo much stronger mow.THANK YOU TO ALL THE DOCTORS & STAFF AT THE PHAGE CENTER GEORGIA.I WILL BE GOING BACK TO FINALLY KILL THE MRSA SOON….PLEASE IF YOU ARE SERIOUSLY ILL FROM INFECTION DON’T THINK TWICE ABOUT HAVING PHAGE THERAPY,IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.
    One thing it reallt showed me is that the western world hasn’t got a glue on infection.

  15. wanda says:

    I contacted the website for the clay, heard from no one. I have had MRSA for several years, two kinds of Pseudomonas and another one, all have colonized in my Trachea. They sometimes make me sick. I take Tobi nebs for one of the Pseudomonas. I take Sovereign Silver;Allicin;Apple Cider Vinegar/organic with the mother; Turmeric which sometimes makes me sick so have to take it only a few days at a time and then I stop. I would like to know if I can take some small amount of vinegar in neb. We have to soak neb and other items in vinegar water and told it kills all bacteria. I have had pseudomonas pneumonia, mrsa pneumonia. Now I am allergic to nearly all antibiotics, dr. believes those colonized bacteria can not make you ill but they can. I was told to go to Hospice but I did not. Now am told I can no longer live alone and need Assisted Living which will be from 72,000. a year for the cheapest and one up to 144,000.00 for a year. All want cash in this area. I have to take Prednisone for COPD exacerbations. I have many serious medical problems and most caused by hospitals. Unnecessary open heart, Trachea destroyed with intubation long term, cancer, 8 lb tumor and hospital more than 150 times, many surgeries. I do not know what else to do. I have been ill for nearly 25 years and these infections are very difficult. I do not believe I have much time, I just want to go to sleep and not struggle for every breath. Trach Tube is very small and every time doctors did something to make me better, it only made me worse. Does anyone know how to get rid of these colonized bacteria in the lungs and trachea so they will stay away? Thanks. w

  16. Bell says:

    The Robot just knocked on the door.
    Sorry for the delay,

    This is a link to the French green clay, and it also mentions some other type clay.

    The resistance you fight sits probably on E-Coli.
    on a so called plasmid. The plasmid(s) code for one and/or several type antibiotics.
    Key word: resistance gene(s).

    An overall intestine cleaning program could
    help getting control over a compromised immunity:

    Another tip is to try out an Alpron like antiseptic.
    It would contain 70% citric acid and 2% sodium hypochlorite. Food grade citric acid (like lemon)
    is sold as coffee machine cleaner in the supermarket, and sodium hypochlorite is just Clorox.

    Alpron antiseptic is one of the best biofilm dissolvers present.

    All difficult to cure infections are maybe best treated in the republic of Georgia, or their agency in Tijuana. Poland (Warschau) and Russia also have Phage centers, but Georgia has the biggest library of Phage.

  17. Bell says:

    By the way; if somebody makes the statement that the west has no clue of infections; than remember that infectious disease and cancer are still the two main founding pillars of all type ongoing research and development.

    There exist no new diseases, and all disease around is “designer disease”.

    All seems to have obtained a long standing tradition!

    MRSA started in 1960 (as a biological warfare agent) showed its face extra again in 1980, and as it seems was happily revived in 2000…

  18. Bell says:

    Don’t know why this link has been deleted in a rather long description.

    This site mentions several clay’s.

  19. Bell says:

    Put www in front of above link to get to the green clay website…

    Former links seem to have been removed.

  20. mslillyl says:

    I too have had bouts with MRSA I found this site the most reasonable. There is a free e book (16 pages) that make the most sense about what it is and how to get rid of it permanently.

  21. funkintelleky says:

    I am a firefighter/EMT and I had a boil that lasted months. I read online where nurses in a hospital get MRSA frequently. They saturated it with alcohol before bed and, pack it with alcohol wipes and went to bed. The next day they pack on fresh alcohol wipes and continue this for two days. I tried this and IT WORKED! The boil ruptured in two directions. It swole up temporarily but by the middle of the next day the swelling went down. It began to scab immediately. MRSA is tough but it seems like nuking it with alcohol for 2 days does the trick. It’s the one thing that worked for me. Hope it helps somebody else.

  22. Great MRSA post. Keep up the good work!

  23. ANSWER says:

    ZYVOX- meds for VRE

  24. shirdawg says:

    I was Driving a Friend home. i felt something crawling on my neck and brushed it of it came back about 3 times after brushing in off the last time , it stoped. when i arrived home i got out of the car and had an itch on my left leg close to my butt. i said to my friend something bit me in the car. the next day. it hurt and i knoew it was a spider bite. like the ones i had as a kid. i didnt think much about it till the next day when i noticed it had grown to the size of a nickle and was hurting more. the third day it was the size of a silver dollar and pain was alot worse. late night sane day it was hot red and very painful and started to worry me. the next morning the pain was unbarable and my leg was red freom my butt to my knee. it had swollen to the size of my hand and was also raised above the skin about 1/2 inch . i had a fever chills my whole body hurt i was dizzy and could hardly get out of bed and when i did i could barely get back in due to the pain. i live in a small town, i didnt have a ride to the hospital and only had a few bandaids and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. i couldnt stand the pain anymore so i got a hot wet towell and began to try to draw out the core of the huge boil. after a couple hours of that i got a razor and lanced it myself. much relief but it wasn’t easy to do because of the location. had to be very creative to cut in the right spot while lookin in a mirror. i felt alot better the next day however still in pain and feeling weak and ill. i applied tripple antibiotic ointment covered it and motrin. it seemed to heal quite well and only took about 7 to 10 days. still had a scar but i thought it was minor compared to the size it was before. i went on as usual and then noticed two pimples on my other butt cheek. i thought maybe it was razor burn which was right it was but my ear started to hurt and i seemed to have a small bite of some sort on my wrist too. i went shopping and bought antibiotic ointment,bleach, antibactial soap bandages, paroxide, wipes for body antibacterial everything. i am a clean freak already and tripled that i have mrsa and have been to dr at urgent care twice. i have several abscess’s on both legs butt and had one on my two on my wrist. i was givin a gram of antibiotic in form of injection alon with bactrim and another antibiotic started with a c. and no real advice or direction fro the doctor at the clinic. second time still had open sores different dr. gave me another 10 day suply of meds septra 800-160 told me to buy antimicobacteria soap but failed to give me any written instructions. i dont have money to buy products so i called the clinic back ask again what the soap was called and was informed that the dr was gone and failed to write it on his own notes. i asked both doctors about infecting others and got the same answer. wash hands dont touch or let others touch infection. that was it. i am going back today with my notebook and my research in hand. i dont want to infect anyone else but the odds are against me. i didnt touch someones infection nor did my boyfriend. but i have it ad now he does too. the mystery is was it a spider that bit me?and possibly carried mrsa? or was it on my skin when i was bit. maybe shaving after spider bite drained? maybe this really is air born and people should pay attention. most importanly we. health care in the us is killing americans every day. i am just one of the many people who have lost faith and respect for the whole medical establishment. any advice for me? i will post after this third trip tp urgent care. by the way this started in early september 2011.

  25. Mother Of 4 says:

    Have you herd of Colloidal Silver?…its what was used before all this Antibiotics fame… To boost your Immunity, and to rid your body our Mercury and heavy metals…many of which are found in vaccinations!… And also used to treat Mrsa! For wound care and daily use to keep one free from the nasty bug….any how FDA denys this clame because Dr. Co.’s pay lots of money to have Dr.’s, to be the new age pill pushers…at our risk…we pay them to poison us it seems….Colloidal Silver is so safe that I have even given it to my baby! And who doesn’t want to be healthier…I Can’t say it’s a cure but after getting Mrsa from work and giving to my family…It haas been the only thing that I have that has stopped Mrsa in it’s tracks! Not even the big gun antibiotics (Vanco. Or Clyndomicin), did that! And after all the hospital bills….so yeah…Colloidal Silver try it….read about it…and God bless.

  26. MotherOf4+1 says:

    Have you herd of Colloidal Silver?…its what was used before all this Antibiotics fame… To boost your Immunity, and to rid your body our Mercury and heavy metals…many of which are found in vaccinations!… And also used to treat Mrsa! For wound care and daily use to keep one free from the nasty bug….any how FDA denys this clame because Dr. Co.’s pay lots of money to have Dr.’s, to be the new age pill pushers…at our risk…we pay them to poison us it seems….Colloidal Silver is so safe that I have even given it to my baby! And who doesn’t want to be healthier…I Can’t say it’s a cure but after getting Mrsa from work and giving to my family…It has been the only thing that I have that has stopped Mrsa in it’s tracks! Not even the big gun antibiotics (Vanco. Or Clyndomicin), did that! And after all the hospital bills….so yeah…Colloidal Silver try it….read about it…and God bless.

  27. Patricia says:

    Just a quick note in response to the person who posted about Bactroban usage in the nose for MRSA eradication. If you read the information packet that comes with the prescription, it specifically states that 90% (or some such high #) of people are REINFECTED within ONE month. Personally, I can not afford to use this prescription that often as my insurance doesn’t cover it and to pay for it myself is $120 each prescription.

    The people that I know of that have eradicated MRSA, (one year no infections, no MRSA in their nose) have completely changed their diets and COMPLETELY eliminated sugar from their diets. Even honey and agave should be limited to no more than one teaspoon full a day.

    I’m in the middle of an outbreak now and feeling pretty bleak about it but I was doing well for 2 months until I slipped up and started eating some sugar. Then BAM, I developed and abcess under my arm. This is just the tip of the ice-burg, there are still many things to try but cleaning and disinfecting alone WONT GET THE JOB DONE!! You have to start with an extremely healthy diet. No gluten, No sugar, No dairy, No soy and no corn. Organic fruits and vegetables and GRASS fed meats only.

  28. MrsCamama says:

    My son came home from the NICU at 7 weeks with MRSA colonized in his nose. We’ve been fighting it ever since. He has had MRSA in his eye, on his chest and back and now he has it on his legs, hospitalized multiple times already. My husband is walking MRSA pustule and now this month after over a year of being free of it, I now have it. I got it on my abdomen and now I have it on my butt! Ridiculous spot!!
    Well, I am fed up of this and I am going to go out and find the medicine that’s listed on here. I am so tired of cleaning, spraying lysol everywhere, bathing everyday for nothing!!!

  29. zane says:

    Hi Mrs Camama,

    The mrsa that your son has in his nose he may never get rid of.I have had it since 1999 & i have been septic many times.Even iv antibiotics don’t work,i had seven superbugs & living on antibiotics for six years in & out of hospital.I had two take a chance & go to Georgia south Russia & have PHAGE THERAPY..IT SAVED MY LIFE..There is a PHAGE THERAPY CENTRE IN MEXICO…PLEASE LOOK INTO IT…Please boost all your immune systems with CHLORELLA & VIT C POWDER THREE TIMES A DAY..Chlorella has a growth factor in it,it will boost your immune system..regards zane

  30. zane says:

    Also get in the ocean & clean the sinus’s,it is the very best,if you are not near the ocean get a sinus flush bottle or sinus pot..Changing your diet is one thing that will help.
    If you eat food that takes lots to digest then your body’s nutrients & energy is digesting food not curing & fighting your sickness..

  31. Tina says:

    We are a family of 5. We life with MRSA now for 2.5 years. We had 2 breakouts where my kids landed in the hospital. Than 4 smaller breakouts with only one boil. This is what i do everyday to prevent another huge breakout
    1.We change towels everyday and don’t share them
    2.When any of us have a boil we all take a bleach bath separately
    2.I use tee tree oil on any boil which really helps
    3.We change our bedding weekly
    4. We only take showers except for the bleach bath
    5.we wash our hand very often
    6.When ever i can i give my Family Raw Garlic
    7.We are take good quality Vitamins

    I know its awful and everybody around you things you have the pest. I got it in The hospital when i gave birth and i was in a study as well with my whole family. Basically the doctors don’t know what to do. Good luck to all of you and heads up it could be worse ;)

  32. zane says:

    Also grains are our enemy & i know people don’t want to hear this but unfortunately it’s true.We are killing ourselves with what we have been told to eat for decades……get your calcium from cows milk,well the western world has the highest rate of osteoporosis.Not only that but dairy products is what causes calcifying of the arteries & high cholesterol,along with eating cows & pigs which gives us animal fat that our bodies can’t break down & gets stored in our colon or bowel causing cancer amongst alot of other toxic things to our bodies.Grains are for animals not humans,our bodies are made for eating vegies,fruit & we can get away with eating fish, chicken & eggs.If you are serious about your health please try just for a month….only eating fruit,vegies,eggs,chicken & fish & the most important things too are drinking rain water,getting plenty of rest & NO STRESS..GOOD LUCK

  33. w says:

    I have had several infections caught in hospitals over the years, am allergic to nearly all antibiotics now. Have had staph a.(MRSA) pneumonia, pseudomonas pneumonia, survived these. Dr. says I was “lucky” for good outcomes. There are around 4 or 5 infections that live in my Trachea for 25 years,Trach Tube due to drs. in hospital saying I could not possibly live so did not want to cause me “trauma” by traching me. I lived and my trachea grew totally together in 6 weeks thus a permanent Trach Tube. These infections are due to my having a Trach Tube. They have colonized but they make me very sick much of the time. I am a Christian and I have cursed these infections in my body, calling their names, cursing them to the root in the name of Yeshuah/Jesus. I do this often. It has helped me very much. I was placed in Hospice but when I did not “decline” fast enough in 6 months I was released from Hospice. My dr. says it is my “attitude” but it is my God who helps me. One day I believe I shall be free of these ugly bacteria, I do not know why things happen. I know that I am alive and I can only thank Him for helping me do that. Yes, He could heal me of these things but He has not yet chosen to do that. I have been healed of many things. I KNOW IT MUST BE VERY DIFFICULT TO SEE YOUR CHILDREN SUFFER AND TO SUFFER YOURSELF. I DO NOT KNOW IF YOU BELIEVE IN GOD OR PRAYER. THERE IS POWER IN PRAYER BECAUSE GOD ANSWERS PRAYER. He does it in His timing. I have learned He is a good God. I have a long list of medical issues/problems w/many surgeries including cancer of the colon, open heart surgery, severe necrotizing Pancreatitis with Pancreatitis 5 more times, 8 pound benign tumor removed with hysterectomy, colon cancer with half of colon removed, many surgeries on trachea/voice box, ARDS, Gangrene of the belly, Pancreas debridement. I am not supposed to be able to speak yet I can. The Lord told me that it is His Breath I breathe and that no one can take it from me except Himself. I belong to Him. Prayer changes things. I do not ask Him why. I was 44 when I got the severe Necrotizing Pancreatitis caused by my Triglycerides being extremely high, it was not known by me or my dr. I had never had them tested. My pancreas began bleeding and I fell out at the hospital where I had gone for the great pain in my belly. I knew nothing for a long time. I believe prayer works in the mouth of the believer. I am now almost 70 and I know it was He who kept me alive. If you have not tried prayer I would suggest you do, if you do not believe in prayer then you might try all the tips others have sent you. I am very sorry that you and your family have suffered and are suffering from these things that seem to be growing worse at an alarming rate. I know how sick they can make you feel. I hope to hear you all are better soon. I will pray for you, I hope you do not mind that I do so. w

  34. zory rosa says:

    i had sinusis mrsa, i used zyvox and also used colloridal sylver for my nose and thanks the Lord I’m being fine. alsi garlic oil, its a great antibody. check with a dr. that believe in hollistic treatment, that is important, because the Drs don’t want you to go to health food store because it takes money alway from them.

  35. Julie says:

    My youngest daughter is the carrier in our home. My husband is a doctor and I’m a nurse. She was typically getting the boils during the summer and just around her ankles. We used Bactroban (just a dot) on the boil then covered with a band-aid. We also used a steroid cream (OTC) to decrease itching. Once the band-aid fell off, we knew the area was healed. This helped to minimize scarring. This past winter, she got her first boil under her nose. So I did more research. Now we are trying a technique to eradicate the MRSA (Community-type). We are using Bactroban intranasally every night and bathing every other night with Hibiclens. The CDC also has a recommendation to use bleach in the bath water. We’ll see how it goes. I have a feeling we won’t know if we have been successful until next summer! Good luck to all.

  36. J says:

    Hi, me & my husband have had MRSA several times & i’d like 2 share what we found as an effective cure. MOST Dr’s treat MRSA (& all similar stypes of staph infection) incorrectly! U CANNOT JUST TAKE ANTI-BIOTICS & TREAT THE BOILS! EVERYONE THAT GETS MRSA MUST “DECOLONIZE” YOURSELF! I’ll explaine everything I know in hopes that it helps someone get rid of this awful illness.

    “1st MAKE SURE THEY CULTURE & TYPE TISSUE FROM THE INFECTION SITE!!!!! I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. There r several types of Staph infections that r VERY SIMILAR TO MRSA, BUT ARE RESISTANT 2 DIFF ANTIBIOTICS THAN MRSA! MANY Dr’s just look at the boils & diagnose MRSA, w/o ever culturing the wound! NO ONE CAN IDENTIFY WHAT TYPE OF STAPH U HAVE BY JUSY LOOKING AT IT. This happened 2 me & my husband more than once. Finally an ER Dr cultured a boil & we found out that time that we actually had an “ORSA” staph infection. She was able to treat us with the correct anti-biotics at that point. So make sure they culture your boil(s)! Insist on it if u must. It can literrally mean the diff between life & death 4 some! If a dr refuses (I had 1 who was so certain she knew what she was doing she refused 2 culture & treated me incorrectly) find another Dr. Do whatever u have 2 do.

    YOU CANNOT GET RID OF MRSA JUST FROM ANTI-BIOTICS!!!!! This is the 2nd mistake many Dr’s make in treatment! YOU MUST DECOLONIZE YOUR BODY! THERE IS A SPECIFIC PROCESS. 1st you need an a prescription strength tube of “Mupirocin” ointment (Bactroban, u must get the prescription form of the ointment NOT the over the counter kind.) You need 2 take a fresh q-tip & swab a generous amount of the ointment on the inside of each of nostril, 2x daily for 5 days min (some ppl do need 2 do this for longer than 5 days, it just depends on your body). 2nd, shower daily, shampoo as normal then u must bath with a special soap called “hibiclense”. It as liquid soap & comes in a blue bottle, u can buy it at any drug store or walmart for about $6. Use it daily while useing the Mupirocin (& i suggest for a wk after your done with the mupirocin). U can also buy hibiclense wipes that comes in individual packets, kinda like MRSA killing wet naps. U can use these on your hands or 2 help kill the infection from most surfaces.

    MRSA has been known 2 live on non-porous surfaces for as long as 2 wks! So while u are decolonizing yourself, u must constantly disinfect EVERYTHING. Lysol your house at least 1x a day. Spray ALL your door handles, cabinet handles, refrigerator handles, remote controls, toilet handle, light switches, & so on. Make sure 2 spray the handles & the surface area around the handles as we often touch these places 2. Anywhere u touch in your home needs 2 be disinfected. After u take a shower, lysol the tub & curtain. put sheets on any furniture u commonly sit on & change the sheets once a day (dead skin cells we shed every day are 1 of the top ways we contract MRSA)Use vinegar or bleach & anti-bacterial dish soap 2 wash your dishes (or use disposable dishes) vinegar is a STRONG disinfectant. ALL Clothes & towels, bed sheets & pillow cases are 1 time use & then u must wash them. If u can bleach them in hot water. Peroxide & vinegar are acceptable substitutes. Oxyclean is mostly a type of laundry peroxide, add a little vinegar & strengthen it’s effectiveness. If u can, just pick out a few peices of clothes & keep the rest sealed up in their drawers & closets so they dont pick up dead skin cells & u can do less laundry by just washing a few things daily.

    Throw out your toothbrush, use a cheapo & toss it out & buy a new 1 when your done decolonizing. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR TOOTHBRUSH 2 THE TOOTHPASTE BOTTLE! U can contaminate the whole bottle by touching a used toothbrush 2 it once! Any bath products that cannot be bleached should be thrown away (like loufa’s). U should wipe down any bottles of soap or razors u use daily with lysol or hibiclens . When useing soaps, lotions etc do not allow your skin or any contaminated loufa’s or wash clothes 2 touch the bottle’s nozzles! u can contaminate the whole bottle (if something gets contaminated u must toss it out). I re-contaminated myself with a bottle of lotion this way.I did everything else right but still re-infected myself more than once b4 relizing I needed 2 throw away the bottle.

    There r a couple of easy ways 2 help heal the boils & skin infections. #1, take hot showers, after a few minutes of standing in hot water check your boils, if they still feel hard, wait a few more minutes & check again until they feel soft, When they feel soft they are ready 2 drain & u can easily remove any scabs. Often if u just open up the wound & stand in the shower they will drain a good deal on their own w/o any effort on your part. However sometimes they dont. U need 2 apply gentle pressure around the edges of the boil, push gently in a “down & outward motion” NEVER push straight down on an infection! U can push the infection deeper in2 your body that way! When u get out of the shower, take a bandage & apply triple antibiotic ointment 2 the bandage & place it centered over the opening or head of the boil & a larger peice of gauze over all of it. This will keep the boil moist which will keep it from closing up, which will help it continue to drain. U can also soak the boil in some gauze soaked in witch hazel for 5 min b4 applying the bandage. Witch hazel helps draw pus out of a wound. If your Dr Ok’s with it u can do what is called a “wet to dry dressing”. Take a peice of gauze & soak it in betadine. Gently press it 2 the boil & allow it 2 sit until it drys, then remove it. Doing this will remove any scabs & dead skin & open up the wound & u should be able 2 drain it. ofcourse there is the old standard of hot compresses until it opens then drain.
    The earlier in the boils development u start the better. Some boils r resistant 2 all these techniques & can take a few days 2 respond even a little, but most are fairly easy 2 drain.

    make sure 2 give the boil time 2 breath! Skin NEEDS oxygen 2 heal. So eigther overnight or for a few hours each day u need 2 leave it uncovered if possible. if u can’t leave it totally uncovered, use only a thin layer of gauze 2 loosly cover it. Cortisone cream can help speed the healing on most wounds.
    Make sure u throw away any used bandages carefully, use throwaway latex gloves when cleaning your wounds, use anti-bacterial soap 2 clean your hands & keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with u.

    During & after a MRSA infection it is very important that u take good care of yourself, MRSA affects ppl with compromised immune systems the most, so make sure 2 eat healthy, take your vitamins & take care of ANY health problems u have. Lots of ppl have compromised immune systems & dont realize it, & EVERYONE will have a compromised immune system at some point in their life, haveing a cold 4 example. Allergy flair ups, cold sores/herpes all compromise the immuen system so take steps 2 prevent or stop them from flaring up.

    I know this was very long, but I hope it helps someone.

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