Four Prisons in Connecticut Reporting MRSA is reporting that four Connecticut prisons have reported MRSA outbreaks in recent days: York Correctional Institution in Niantic, Bergin in Storrs and Osborn in Somers. They have notified the Department of Public Health, and we all hope they are working to keep this under control. Interestingly enough, the article reports that some inmates are incorrectly being diagnosed with spider bites. I really can’t believe this is still happening so much, you know?

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  1. Curtis says:

    I can say that MRSA is rampet in Florida, it statrd with sores in my nose, then the sores would open up to cuts all the time I was steadily applying anti. bioti. salve, then a large boil would appear, then you could put in a sick call , 1st time culture from large boil came back a regular staph, was given Sulpher drug, well like clock work about 10 days after the 14 day of drugs wore off the noes thing starteed up again, in the 2 years I had 8 out breaks, institution would not address the issue of the nose thing, first 3 outbreaks Sulpher drug, then Cipro, then tetracycine , well some days there were as many as 10 guys on sick call for boils, there were a few camps in the panhandle of Fl. that it was so bad they was quarinteened, this wen on from 2005 -2007, right now I am looking for a self pay doctor in my area NE Florida, theres a drug called Vancomycin, they are saying it will get rid of it, the problem in Fl. DOC is that every time you want treatment theres a $ 4.00 charge, DOC files a claim on each case, it’s a gold mine for them .

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