Jail Employees Bring MRSA Lawsuit

MRSA LawsuitsFive employees of a New Jersey correctional facility have brought a lawsuit against the administrators of the jail. From NJ.com:

Kent R. Collins, Jerry C. Cora, Thomas J. Duffy, Agostino J. Fare and Beth Lindsay alleged in their lawsuit that the jail’s administration failed to warn them of “possible exposure” to methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA.

The lawsuit was filed for more than just the pain caused by the infections, according to their attorney, Robert A. Greenberg.

MRSA lawsuits are few and far between, and from what I have seen have faded into nonexistance before anything was to come of them. I truly think this is because most of them are attempting to file suit against hospitals, but these folks may have an easier time of it. We will see.

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30 Responses to Jail Employees Bring MRSA Lawsuit

  1. Rian says:

    Kent R. Collins, Jerry C. Cora, Thomas J. Duffy, Agostino J. Fare and Beth Lindsay alleged in their lawsuit that the jail’s administration failed to warn them of “possible exposure” to methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA.

    The stated reasons for the lawsuit seem a bit frivolous. Were not warned? Poor cover for an ill-concealed attempt at a money grab. Suing for getting a staph infection while on the job, on the other hand, does not seem frivolous, particularly when one is an employee at a prison.

  2. Christina says:

    I definitely agree there. They will have to have a much stronger case than what is listed here to be successful, that is for sure. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I have been infected with the MRSA infection and I appeal to all of the other concerned staff and health-care employees to write your poltical parties and voice your concerns about the lack of information distributed by the institutions and unwillingness to allow and/or approve sick leave benefits.

  4. Cindi Goreham says:

    My mother passed Jan 26,2006 with this disease. She was incarcerated before she passed and had sores on her face and arms. She began getting them while she was incarcerated and when she went to medical nobody could tell her anything and she continued to get sicker and sicker. My mother had her faults but she didn’t deserve to die. If anyone can give me any information on inmate lawsuits I would appreciate it.

  5. K Schacht says:

    Until recently I was employed as an part-time instructor in two of our local jails. I had been working just a few months when suddenly I began to not feel well, and then the symptons developed… which were misdiagnoised for several months. Finally, I was correctly diagnoised with MRSA, but six months later I’m still ill and the antibiotics are not working.
    Yes, I’m mad and yes I do feel the jails have a culpability of informing and educating not only outside and inside staff, but the inmates as well.
    I had no idea of this risk and was not informed at each jail orientations. The choice of exposure was not an option and the lack of information has prolonged and perhaps worsened my health.

  6. Christina says:

    Thank you all for your comments, I do hope you all find the help that you need, I am afraid that our legal system is going to be the only way that these jails and hospitals are going to become motivated to do what they need to do to clean up.

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  10. carol g says:

    I am attempting to sue the Bexar County jail in San Antonio where I contracted MRSA. I received very poor medical care & underwent surgery after finally being taken to an emergency room. Anyone had luck suing the county?

  11. agostino fare says:

    i am one of the officers named in the lawsuit in this article. to respond to rian, if you only knew what kind of stress we as officers have to go through day in and day out in a jail environment. please try to walk a day in any of these fine officers shoes. i bet you couldnt do it. back to the subject. for you as a person to say we are just trying to collect easy money, is a disgrace. me personally, am not worried about money. i just want people to know what we go through here. how do you explain to your little girl that daddy cant hug or kiss her when he walks through the door in the morning because of the fear of passing it on to her. it is a horrible feeling. at the time, i had no idea of what was the main cause of the infection. just to see the look on my little girls face because daddy couldnt hug her, it tears me up inside. so before you go accusing anyone of us officers of easy money grabbing, get your facts right. thank you.

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  13. B Lindsay says:

    MRSA is not just a staph infection and there is more than just one officer. This infection totally alters your life from the minute you wake up to the time that you go to sleep. You have to maintain washing all bed linin every other day with bleach so that means buying linins and comforters that are white so that they maybe bleached . Sticking a q-tip up your nose twice a day with batrim ointment. washing with hipacleans an expensive body wash, putting on a medicated lotion because the body wash is so harshand makes you itch. Keep your nails short, spray bleach in the shower everytime you shower(twice a day) in the hospital 6 times on antibiotics for 3 years with barely abreak. 4 pick lines( IV antibiotics in the hospital and at home administering it your self, allergies to may antibiotics your weren’t allergic to before. Becoming resistant to almost all antibiotics, now blood clots from so many pick lines, two shots a day of blood thinners to the stomach because of the blood clots, after 7 months of shot and aprin aday for the blood clots, many scars from the abscess, and fear of another infection, being an out cast to your own cowokers, having ignorant people judge you, being put out of work and no one caring having no support system, going to counciling to try to adjust and deal with this type of life style, knowing your afraid to go to work and breaking out again and again because the is no isolation for the ones that have it. Being forced back against the Dr. advise. Not geting paid causing a hardship, tring to explain to your children that you may infect them if you forget to do one of the steps that of this horrible life style. knowing that you frighten other, feeling lonely, taking other medicine because of secondary problems, knowing for life that any surgeries or illnesses maybe deadly to you when you are at this stage. Dr visit after Dr visit. Getting depressed on a daily basis. your supposed to be around young children or elderly people due to they are very suseptable. Feeling ashamed,and hopeless. Who knows what long term side affects all the antibiotics have on your body besides chronic diarrea and yeast infections. How would you like to walk in those shoes? Money can’t buy what I had before this, and you can’t spend money where this illness takes you….

  14. L says:

    I contracted MRSA at work, a prison. I have contacted a lawyer, but wanted a second opinion. Keep in mind the prison admitted to the exposure. Oh and by the way, this stuff almost killed me and potentially will so yeah, I want compensation. To the guy with the money comment: keep in mind the rate that this stuff is spreading. Maybe you will want compensated WHEN you get it. Now go check how many people in Europe are infected. They probably had people like you in charge of their CDC, thus its spreading like the plague.P.S. do you have MRSA or are you trolling websites out of being a troll?

  15. BARBARA says:

    I am a nurse that was infected many years ago. Before I knew what it was I had many break out and my husband caught it. They are very painfull and they are VERY COINTAGIOUSE. I have also be compleatly healed from it, it is possible but costly. I had 1 month of 2 ABT (bactrum and doxy), I placed bactraban around the nose and use Hipacleans for 2 months. It does work. IF you are still having break out tell your Dr about this. I treated myself and my husband becouse he cought it from me. I have been clear for 2 years.

  16. Jane says:

    It is my sincere prayer that all of the officers named in the NJ suit receive the compensation they deserve for the suffering and pain they endured. I concur with Agostino’s comment that it is a tough job to walk in their shoes for a day. What amount of money can cover an illness that greatly impacts your life and could possibly lead to death in unchecked and untreated? Honesty is an important virtue in life, and those impacted whether officers or inmates should have been notified of such a situation. Once again, I pray that the officers involved know that there are people out there who support them , are praying for their safety, and respect the job they have of caring for those who are in the prison system.

  17. TL says:

    I am one of the inmates who contracted MRSA in the Indiana jail last year. It was very painful and noone seemed to care.They allowed me to suffer. Does anyone have a attorney I can call to help me with my lawsuit.

  18. laura says:

    what about the inmates!!! i was locked in with a girl that had mrsa and then when she left they didnt clean the cell! they never clean the cells!!!!!!!

    i am not a criminal. its a long story but i am a very good person and an upstanding citizen.

  19. laura says:

    who cares! they’re only criminals right?

  20. laura says:

    I was one of the most polite and respctful inmates when i was in jail for 8 months. I actually made friends with alot of the officers. I should have not been in jail. I was told that if I did what i did in a different county or in europe, i would have never been charged criminally. I was OVER charged. I was incarceriated due to a suicide attempt!

  21. Frank says:

    I am a counselor in Jail and I was infected with MRSA last year. I thought I had a really bad spider bight. One day at work I showed an inmate my “spider bite” and he said “Hey! I’ve got one of those too!” and he showed me his “bite”. Next thing you know three other guys are showing me their “bites”. That’s when I knew something was wrong so I went to the doctor and after my tests came back I heard of MRSA for the first time. The fact that my administration had not alerted any staff about an MRSA outbreak was extremely disturbing. Right now I am having my second outbreak. I keep it to myself because I am already looked at like a leper. I am scared to be close to my kids. I am scared to have sex with my wife. I am scared.

  22. KSchacht says:

    What I find of interest is that no one has made the connection of the “new”rampant spread of MRSA into the general population – i.e. the schools…
    Could it be possible that the inmates who are serving their one day in jail for their DUI’s may be responsible for the recent emergence of the infection into the general public?
    I know that even after my MRSA exposure in the jail, the new inmates were not warned of the disease or the precautions – and how do I know? I asked them.
    In fact, when I notified Washington State Health Dept that Renton Technical College was still not providing their employees with Infectious Disease Training as mandated by the WAC – guess what actions were taken against the school? None.
    This disease will not be taken seriously until a costly lawsuit is won.
    Has anyone had any luck?
    How about the name of a good personal injury lawyer in Wash. State, with prior experience in such cases?

  23. Roxanne Cuevas says:

    To Carol G,

    I live in San Antonio. I can tell you that the health dept. here is NOT educating ANYONE in this city, regarding the threat of MRSA. I know, because I did an open records request. I requested Metro Health tell me what, if any, education has been done in this community regarding MRSA. I was ignored, until I threatened to go to the media. That was when a city attorney stepped in and did some damage control. I got the results of the open records request. The only thing Metro Health, and Dr. Fernando Guerra, has done is give a few lectures to his colleagues, and help pass a law to make MRSA a reportable disease. He spoke with a few superintendents of schools here. Other than than, there is NOTHING. They didn’t write letters or meet with day care centers, nursing homes, organizations that help HIV/AIDS patients, organiztions or clinics that help Cancer patients, and yes, the JAIL. Guerra did NOT even notify correctional institutions, on the threat of MRSA. I notified the mayor and the city manager’s office about all this, and received no reply. I can tell you that not too many people in San Antonio have even heard of MRSA, although the cases are rising, and there have been several deaths.

    Good luck to you, if you decide to sue the country jail. I have absolutely NO respect for Dr. Guerra or the health dept. in this city. I think Metro Health, and Santa Rosa Hospital is sweeping MRSA under the rug. The city manager’s office is not going to do anything until someone with money and status becomes infected with MRSA, and threatens to sue someone. THEN they will listen, because money speaks very loudly in this city, I am afraid.


  24. c says:

    Does anyone have the address and/or phone number of the attorneys that are handling this case?

  25. c says:

    my interest is in the case filed in New Jersey.

  26. I am really happy to find some interesting information from your post, i am sure going use for my reference purpose, thank you very much.

  27. Mike says:

    I enjoyed reading this post about Jail Employees Bring MRSA Lawsuit | MRSA Notes. Really interesting. I will come back to visit this blog again.

  28. LISA S. says:

    I caught MRSA in jail in SC and they keep delaying a court date.i had proved that i did not have anything like MRSA when I entered Greenville county Jail.There has been seattlement in SC in 2008 for MRSA break out.I want back off no time soon.i am paying the rest of my life for me being put in jail cause of hear say,and aa crocked detecktive.the jailes have even caught it and filed suites.they are trying to hide what is really going on.It dont matter where you are its shshsh about it.

  29. Jesse Najera says:

    I am a Correctional Officer in California. I have been with my department for 12 years. I started at Corcoran Substance Abuse Treatment Facility, then transfered to Wasco State Prison Reception Center. I currently work at Kern Valley State Prison. Some time back I was diagnosed with empitigo. I was given some ointment and antibiotics and sent home. It was until this current outbreak that I realized this was a staph MRSA infection. I was told that I probably got this while working in an institution, but I did not know the extent of this disease until now. I have recently been having kidney problems and I am now anemic. I don’t know what I should do now

  30. Diddy says:

    My mother is currently in prison and she is being quarantined due to catching MRSA. My mother is a VERY clean person (a germaphobe) and to hear about her getting this is heartbreaking. Inmates are not treated like humans they are treated like numbers. She started getting boils in September and everytime she would complain about them or ask to be seen by the infirmary the “quacks” they have for doctors made no fuss about it. She was in so much pain, they finally (4 months later) decided that maybe they she look into what she has. I’m sure they knew the whole time! Low and behold MRSA! She might be in prison but she is still human and deserves the proper and correct medical treatment. She also deserves a sanitary and clean environment. Not FILTH! But as I say you are a number in prison. And the conditions in prisons are so neglected because we ( in the outside world) can not see or hear what’s going on. And most, not all guards and prison employees could give 2 shits about the nasty conditions or an inmates health. Yes she deserves to be in prison but no she doesn’t deserve to get a desease or be in pain or potentially die or be medically neglected.

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