If you have heard the term MSSA in your MRSA research and didn’t know what it meant, I ran into a little article today that explains it very simply.

MSSA stands for Methicillin-Sensitive Staphylococcus aureus and refers to all of the antibiotic-sensitive strains of Staph aureus, a common bacteria that can cause a wide variety of infections both in hospital and community environments. In other words, MSSA is the common type of Staph aureus that causes most Staph aureus infections and can be treated with penicillin-type antibiotics. [Source]

A Staph infection is either one or the other – resistant to or sensitive to (I also hear it frequently referred to as ‘susceptable’ to) antibiotics. I hope you all, like Cheryl who commented on this post, have only experience with MSSA. That is scary enough on its own.

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  1. Nichole Blankinship says:

    This is statement is a bit misleading as there are several variants of MSSA that are also resistant to antibiotics. The difference between MSSA and MRSA and the antibiotic resistance is that MRSA is resistant to all methicillins. For example, I have had MSSA and the strain I had was resistant to penicillin and to erythromycin, yet was susceptible to methicillin hence titled MSSA not MRSA.

  2. cindy mars says:

    Hello, writing to find out if there are any new strains of mrsa out there? My son, who is 19, has our cf doctors stumped. He has mrsa and the only way we can treat it is thru linezolid. BUT, we know we can’t continue this forever. If you have any information on any new strains out there would SO much appreciate any information. My e-mail is:

  3. carl meyers says:

    I developed MSSA during spine surgery, an
    infection that didn’t manifest itself for 7 months.
    When it was discovewred, the Infectious Disease
    Doctors didn’t exactly know what anti biotic to
    use for tretament. We started IV’s using these:
    RoseEffen ( 6 wks), then Vancoymycin (6wks)
    then Oxycillin (2 wks). It was contained then
    eliminated, although I continue on Doxycycline
    (100mg daily). During the process I lost 60lbs
    and were it not for encouragment from loved
    ones and friends I might not be here. I’ve put
    back 40 of the lost 60lbs during this year that
    I’ve been home. I hope this info helps many.

  4. Christy Campbell says:

    I have had mrsa for 12 years. I have had numerous infections of the skin that have come up at various time all over my body, even my face and neck. The only antibiotic that I believe can help get this awful condition under control is vancomycin. Almost all regular MDs will try you on bactrun first. That’s a waist of time and just another antibiotic you don’t need. Bypass a regular doc and go straight to an infectious disease doctor. About two years ago I began using a nettle pot to clean my nose about three times a week and faithfully taking a probiotic. I have had a break for almost two years until now. Now I tested positive for mssa. This is a different strain that can be treated with cillan meeds. I am actually happy. Mssa gives you more treatment options than mrsa. I have to be honest and say this disease has been in my lungs 3 times. If it kills me that will be how, but I have some hope since the strain has changed and mss a is more treatable. If anyone out there would like to talk to me feel free to email. Hope this info helps.

    • David Goodin says:

      I have been battling staff, mrsa,now,mssa when does it stopp I have had mrsa in my leg I had very small burn they put me on kelflex but it failed , then 14 days of vancomycin in the hospital I when home on an antibiotic which failed the staff started spreading on my leg went back in the hospital 2nd round of antibiotic vanco it finally started to heal. Unfortunately I had to have a tumor removed from my spine witch went bad it set up mrsa,back to antibiotics vanco then incision actually came open during a shower they started packing it hoping it would heal from inside out about three weeks. Later it was not responding so they went back to surgery to reopen so it could drain but this also a failure the mrsa had formed a tunnel up my back it looked like a head of broccoli they started using a q tip to bust the pockets of infection well this felled the surgeon reopened an went under the infection in my back he closed it completely back on antibiotic I had a port a cath in my left chest which be came infected had tobe removed replaced on right side. Long story short I have had it in my throay,,esophagus ,stomach ,sinus cavity and lung. When about three weeks came back on my face and I went home on meds but I had a bck set I currently battling it on my face again but this it is mssa back to kelflex . What do u recommend

  5. V says:

    Interested in all types of prevention of mrsa or mssa for me and my family.

  6. Ann Wooledge says:

    As a registered nurse and a clinical aromatherapist I can tell you that essential oils can cure MRSA. I have several of my own case histories, plus many other aromatherapists have had success using this modality. I don’t know why the medical industry has not accepted this as an alternative.

    • janc says:

      I have MRSA in my spine. I’ve had 2 surgeries – the first to remove a large abscess in my cervical spine that developed after a small bump on the back of my neck. Then the MRSA ate up the bone in my neck and I had to have it rebuilt with 5 levels of titanium. I’ve read as much material as I can get my hands on, from medical journal articles to forums and testimonials of individuals. I can say after researching this for 5 straight months – the only true success stories involve the use of natural remedies – mainly certain essential oils, like tea tree oil, oil of oregano, grapefruit seed oil. Also tumeric, Manuka honey and colloidal silver. You can ingest essential oils in capsule form, or get in a bottle and apply to skin wounds. In reading about patients with bone mrsa who have had numerous surgeries, it seems the only 2 true success stories involved surgical insertion of pellets of tea tree oil into the tissue surrounding the bone, or insertion of colloidal silver. As for skin lesions – tea tree oil, Manuka honey, and colloidal silver can be applied directly to the wound. My son had numerous staph boils on his bottom, and Manuka honey mixed with olive oil got rid of them. He didn’t put any antibiotic ointment on it or did he take any oral antibiotics. Of course in the condition I was in initially, I was dying, so I was put on IV Vancomyecin for 3 months. But the only long term approach to getting rid of MRSA does not involve antibiotics – that’s just a life long roller coaster ride.

  7. Nancy says:

    Has anyone had any success with ‘wound honey’?

  8. teresa says:

    I had MRSA. I had outbreaks under my armpit. my last outbreak was 1 and 1/2 years ago. I am pretty sure if I get another….it will be a new infection. Doctors gave me a sulfa antibiotics but had another outbreak. I used tea tree oil up my nose. I put myself on an alkaline diet. And Ate yogurt and took probiotics. I drank turmeric in tomato juice. I drank colloidal silver.I wore plain yogurt like lotion after a hibicleanse bath. I ate 18-20 cloves of fresh chopped garlic everyday for 3-4 weeks . I bleached my tub sink and toilet after every use. I put tea tree oil directly on my boil.

  9. Nichole Blankinship says:

    I actually tried the honey for a bit and it didn’t really make a difference- the tea tree oil(the real kind) helped to disinfect the wound and helped the “cure” time be much quicker than other outbreaks–take showers instead of baths(it spreads to other areas) and be RELIGIOUS about cleaning your home/bedding/everything touched to try and prevent another outbreak(especially when you have an active outbreak) Every time you have to touch/clean the actual area I would recommend disposable gloves and the tea tree oil. Hibiclens also works well to full body cleanse. I am so paranoid about another recurrence I try and do everything possible to prevent it. Turmeric and garlic supplements help as well. Try and keep your immune system up and running as it helps to prevent future outbreaks. My original doctor was moronic and I had to basically tell him what my problems was(and it tested as MRSA when he tested) . Be careful with doctors and their knowledge- def recommend infectious disease dr. instead of primary. Don’t dry your face after a shower until rest of your body is clean(nose can harbor the infection) and if you do get an outbreak, silicon patches over any “holes” after helps scarring immensely. I live in fear of the next infection(you all know how i feel!) and hope to eventually beat it.(i know, i know- dream on) Hope I helped, write if you have any questions!

  10. teresa says:

    I should mention I don’t live in fear. I now live normally without holistic means and without obsessive compulsive only took 4 weeks between antibiotics and holistic remedies. Although, I continued yogurt “lotion” longer, in case mrsa survived my cleaning.I also did a colon cleanse after I healed, just to be safe. Tested negative and never had another outbreak.

  11. teresa says:

    Moviles, my reading says garlic supplements have little to no allicin the active mrsa killer. Try eating 18 to 20 cloves of fresh garlic with cream cheese on a bagel(my alkaline down fall) no milk, sugar caffeine etc. Veggie diet, grapefruits and lemons. Colloidal silver, turmeric minimum twice a day. Wear plain yogurt as a barrier and stop hibicleanse, when you don’t have an outbreak. Always wear clean clothes sounds like you have the cleaning down pat. I always sprayed sink, tub toilet after use with bleach and left it…did not wipe. No bath rugs unless a towel that got bleached.leave shoes at the door, beaches all floors often. Over lysol my furniture. Even lightly bleach sprayed it when I considered getting new furniture. I still have the old. I bleached pillows with the linen. Like I said west yogurt when your body feels better you can feel the difference, to protect from reinfection get all nooks and crannies.tea tree oil up the nose can burn a but, but it kills mrsa.I put it on a bandage on my Boil overnight and before it could fester you know the way they do, it was gone by morning.doctors don’t think you can kill mrsa, people who have want to charge you to learn how. I am telling all of you how I did. Read my previous post. If anyone wants to know the specifics of what I did I will take the time to post it here for all. I kept a journal. You can kill it, you have to be determined. But my battle was mine…learn the side effects of natural remedies and be wise. Turmeric can interfere with chemotherapy. Things like that, educate yourself.

  12. Christy Campbell says:

    I too, use tea tree oil. Has to be 100 percent. Also breathing in and taking certain essential oils. I also flush my nasal passages with warm saline. I do believe that these steps have helped me a great deal in battling my staph. This isn’t anything a doctor will tell you to do. Part of getting ahead of this disease is learning all you can and if there is something holistic that will help, tea tree oil being one, it’s the first step in you taking control and not this illness controlling you!

  13. teresa says:

    My symptoms…boil in right armpit, followed by returning boils every month in the same armpit…severe leg aches, I would almost cry…so lethargic, getting my morning coffee was exhausting…brain fog, also known as CRS for those who like funnies …dizziness…shortness of breath…unusual heart palpitations…unexplained sudden weight loss…dark circles around my eyes.
    What Did I think? “I’m dying”
    I finally realized the boils that keep coming back must have something to do with my illness. I just kept telling my hunny ” I just don’t feel good, somethings wrong”. I went online and found a few different possible diagnoses…so without insurance, I bravely went to the doctor. He squeezed and sampled my icky boil and sent me home. Didnt even comment on my list of symptoms.The next week I called in for the results and was told it was mrsa. They told me I could pick up my script…sulfameth,I teared up and only told my hunny. I took off work and spent the next week researching everything I could find on mrsa while I was taking my pills bleaching my house and trying to not give it to my 3 kids. I started a list of scientific studies of things that kill mrsa and things that “might” help. I went to one of those organic hippie stores(i love those places) and bought what I could afford, starting with the scientifically proven first. Then I purchased items I thought I could eat on an alkaline diet. I prefer hamburgers, so this was hard.
    Next I bought all natural tea tree oil and lavender soaps. Went to walmart and got bleach, hibecleanse.
    My total list: sovereign silver,goji juice,hemp fiber shake,plain active yogurt and yummy edible kind,turmeric powder,fish oil,ascorbic acid (vitamin c powder) manganese supplements,magnesium supplements, bagels, cream cheese, lots of garlic.100% pure tea tree oil, bottle of split peas for soup, lemons, cabbage, lettuce,carrots,grapefruits,all organic oh …broccoli sprouts.
    I wrote a menu on my routine I would use.
    Before breakfast: silver, 1 teaspoon (or so ) rinse 30 seconds and swallow. Wait 15-30 minutes, goji juice 2 tablespoons wait 15-30 minutes. Hemp shake,yogurt, fruit.manganese and glass of water, ascorbic acid 1 teaspoon in water. Snack with fresh diced garlic 6- 10 cloves (goal 18- 20 cloves per day) another glass of water.
    Before lunch: silver same process as breakfast, goji juice same process,turmeric 1 tablespoon in warm water or tomato juice (i preferred tomato juice),yogurt, more garlic,fish oil 2 teaspoons per day. After lunch,teaspoon ascorbic acid in water. Later more water.
    Before dinner: silver same process, goji juice same process add raw garlic to my dinner (ate lots of bagels and cream cheese,only way I could choke down so much garlic) .

    When I finished my antibiotics I got another boil.
    So I put tea tree oil on it with a bandage and it actually hissed like gas escaping…TMI? I left it on over night and by morning I could see it but the lump was gone. I added more oil and went about my obsessive bleach cleaning.fresh bedding,sprayed mattress with lysol or bleach. Bleached all knobs, counters, remotes, door knobs, bleach laundry , bleach or lysol laundry basket, quick bleach mop, wash dishes in bleach water. I always used way more bleach than recommended. Extra bleach bathrooms.bleached everything. Tried to stick to the alkaline diet with slight cheats, like turkey. No caffeine(ya I know it sucked) no sugar.except in my yummy yogurt. I took a probiotics every night. I took my hibecleanse bath, sprayed the bathroom with bleach Q-tipped tea tree oil in my nose and put more on my boil, went to bed between 7 or 8 every night. Oh said sincere prayers.
    I decided to also hibecleanse the family after a few days and did so religiously along with tea tree oil up their noses. Then when the boil was gone I started putting yogurt on me and the family after every bath for about a week. Then stopped hibecleanse and moved to just yogurt and still tea tree oil. The oil sometimes 3- 4 times a day. Then I got my colon cleanse delivered and got started.ordered it online. Now the colon cleanse is a long story…ha ha ha. But after that… boils. Oh I just knew another one was there everytime I found any Pimple or bump it was like ptsd. I was very nervous.
    No more mrsa…well until a girl came to stay with us….with mrsa. She stayed 2 days and I’m still bleaching, and yogurting, and tea tree oiling. But hopefully she learned what I tried to tell her. Up until she came…it was like mrsa never happened, life was normal…..any questions feel free…just remember…this worked for me…I’m not a doctor…I can tell you I think cleanliness, oil, turmeric,silver were the key then yogurt and probiotics…but I don’t know. Maybe one of the other things I used helped can’t ever know…don’t wanna do it again, but it was worth it.

  14. teresa says:

    Oops forgot to mention….no shaving…no deodorant….but if you must then only spray.throw away all possible infected items like razors, toothbrushes, deodorant, bleach hair brushes, nail clippers etc…become ocd, its not so bad.its not easy to do all that and deal with lethargy…couldn’t always do everything…I did my best and took naps.

  15. George says:

    I contracted mssa from a dental procedure and it attacked my heart, had to have open-heart – aortic valve and by-pass…….

  16. Tanisha says:


    Theresa…My family has been battling MRSA for the past 3 yrs. I feel like i am going crazy at this point becuase of it. I greatly appreciate your information and i am going out today to purchase these items. God Bless

  17. teresa says:

    If you have any questions just ask…I don’t know if you have children, but I also gave my kids the colloidal silver….there was no way I could have them eat garlic the way I did. Although I did add garlic to most of their meals. I hope it helps you and your family. I believe we have to cleanse the inside as well as the outside. We wore plain,active yogurt like lotion because of a study I read that showed how bacteria cannot move in where bacteria (yogurt) lives.It showed that yogurt lives for weeks on skin that is not washed….so I concluded that mrsa could not reinfect us if we were already covered in bacteria. It really only took a few weeks of dedication and obsessive cleaning. The colon cleanse I did was also a body detoxification…it was 3 months.I chose them for their all natural ingredients. You can Google the stuff I used with mrsa and learn more.example: garlic mrsa …it will give a lot of info and studies. Don’t fall for garlic pills…you need the allicin which comes from a fresh crushed or diced garlic. Allicin dissipates when processed for pills. Eat the garlic within 15 minutes of chopping. I hope I can help someone out there….mrsa was awful. I think the tea tree oil helped the scars also….not sure,but the black scars are gone.maybe lavender oil? I never looked into it….just happy they’re gone.

  18. Treye says:

    Hello, MRSA sucks! From my extensive reading it appears that garlic (fresh or pills) is biounavailable, whereas to be bioavailable would be like having an IV with the Allicin straight into your blood stream and then it would oxidize your blood , which would not be good either. Maybe do some reading on Allicin, pretty good info out there. Any how, I am going to try crush garlic and or tea tree oil for our infections. Thanks!

  19. bohica says:

    a high colonic might work as well

  20. Thank you all for sharing. I recently became involved in the fight to prevent the spread of MRSA. It seems that the current handwashing and sanitation protocols are not stemming the spread of MRSA MSSA, VRE and other infections.

    There are three was to kill microbes, Destructive – Hydrogen Peroxide, Fire
    Leaching- Bleach, Alcohol, Heavy Metals etc
    *Mechanical – Physical Destruction

    Common cleaning products and sanitation protocols currently focus on Leaching Technologies to create a toxic environment for microbes and thereby through absorption of the chemicals into the cell body the microbe is killed. However, due to the inappropriate use of these products microbes are able to persist.

    Take out any disinfectant from your home and read the instructions regarding how to disinfect and sanitize.

    Many people never read nor follow the instruction which specifically state with some variation, ” in order to sanitize you must use a sufficient amount of wipes in order to keep the surface visibly wet for 3 Minutes

    “Some organism are killed with just the wiping of Most organism are killed by exposure to the liquid, however a sufficient number of wipes must be used to remain Visibly Wet for 3-5 Minutes.

    In hospitals where according to the CDC 1 of 3 patients entering the hospital acquire MRSA. (1 of 2 in Nursing Home/LTC environments)

    Current cleaning times for most room changes-over in most hospitals take less than 10 minutes before another patient is admitted.

    Currently, the most cost effective and reliable intervention to address current contamination, while providing long term prevention spreading infections is through the mechanical desturction of these harmful microbes.

    Visit for more information. Thank you ofr your time and attention!


  21. dev says:

    I had UTI. During examination I was found to have MSSA. What should be done to overcome

  22. Marilyn says:

    Ok im a mom of a 16 month old baby girl an im gettin so tired of these absest coming up on her im so tired of them cutting on her an all i keep gettin is everyone has staph on there skin an they react different my baby has came back positive with mrsa then another shows up an she comes back positive with MSSA an we get the same stupid meds every time an on September 4 of this year she got admitted into the hospital an was put to sleep an had to have another one cut open an tubes put in her leg an her Dr says well she been gettin at least one once a month and im like and you don’t see a problem with it??? But he says he sees kids all the time that’s not the point the point is im tired of my baby girl gettin cut on like a chopping block

    • Linda says:

      Liposomo Vit C may be a good natural alternative to healing infections and viruses. Natural pathic docs may have this on hand. Also lots of greens and finding things like the greens that bring the body to an alkaline state.

  23. teresa says:

    I can’t tell you what would work, but if she were my baby, I would put her on a bland vegetable diet. Organic home cooked vegetables. Then I would get the colloidal silver and give it to her at least 4 times a day. Then I would test 100% tea tree oil on her skin. If it was safe I would put it directly on the boil and bandage it overnight. I would get the nasal bactricin from the doctors for her if they think its safe. I would put plain active yogurt on her skin after every bath. Feed her the yogurt throughout the say however she would eat it. I would blend a garlic in and add a bit to all her food if it doesn’t upset her tummy in tiny doses.Then everyone else in the house would go through a similar process in case they are carriers. Bleach everything, and door knobs, fridge handles, cupboard handles, faucet handles daily, bathroom spray with bleach and leave it. I would try it for at least a month and if it works…taper down to a normal diet and cleaning, then continue the yogurt eating and wearing, a bit longer. This is assuming she has no other health conditions to worry about. If her doctors won’t work with you, find one who will. Not all doctors are opposed to a natural approach, just most of them. Don’t take her off her prescription, work with it and tell the doctor what you intend to do and ask for cooperation.

  24. JW says:

    I had MRSA 3 times within 6 months in my back bone. The first time I was on Vancoymycin for 8 week, about a month after I was off I got it again and was on some kind of cocktail for 6 weeks, then about a month later I got it again and was on 6 week of Vancoymycin and each time they took my back bone out and clean around the spinal cord. Now I am on Minocycline two times a day for the rest of my life. It’s been three years now and I have not had it since.

  25. Ann Wooledge says:

    JW – I would just ask that you be sure you are taking probiotics that have the highest amount of good bacteria. Being on those high doses and time periods of antibiotics could very easily lead to a yeast infection, which is going to hit your immune system even that much harder. My heart really does go out to you. I so wish the allopathic medical community would wake up and listen to the research about essential oils.

  26. teresa says:

    I agree Ann,
    Tea tree oil, colloidal silver, garlic and turmeric have been scientifically studied and shown to be very effective against MRSA. The problem is that even if you kill the bacteria, you have to consider your bodies total health. If you are successful at ridding yourself of the bacteria then all good bacteria is likely gone as well. Leaving you open to not only yeast over growth, but reinfection of MRSA. If you are around MRSA, as crazy as it sounds, plain active yogurt worn as a lotion will help keep the bacteria off your skin. There have been studies. I might be crazy, but I don’t have MRSA anymore either…..I have lots of theories as go how it worked. The basic is…bring your body to a very non-acidic state….kill all bacteria inside and out, bombard it with everything known to kill it…bleach everything in the home, car, whatever else. Begin building only good bacteria at the end of the killing eventually stop killing and fill up with good bacteria. Use yogurt to eat and wear, it will protect from reinfection…lots of probiotics food and capsule form. Bacteria, even MRSA can’t live where other bacteria reside. That is how you protect the inside and outside.

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Teresa,

      I have had MSSA for over a year now. I have done tons of research on my own and have been using turmeric, garlic, colloidal silver (orally and topically), tea tree topically, oil of oregano topically and orally, hibicleans, probiotics, I’ve been on 8 rounds of antibiotics and have developed allergies to kaflux and bactrum. I get the outbreaks on my buttocks (I’ve had a couple dozen) and I’ve had a few around my pelvis. The only thing I haven’t tried is the yogurt lotion. What yogurt did you use i.e. brand? Also what colon cleanse? I’d like to try those two things. Thank you for your help!

  27. petra says:

    Hi Teresa
    What kind of yoghurt do you recommend? My 14 year old daughter is battling MSSA for nearly a year now. At the moment we have tried turmeric and garlic capsules vitamin C and silver but not much luck. She just finished a bottle of golden seal, echinacea and manuka. It looked fine when she was on it for 2 weeks but as soon as she did not take it for a day she got a spot back. I am now considering to cut up fresh garlic and put them in a capsule for her to take since you have mentioned that the capsules you buy are not good. Did you used medium size garlic gloves and organic ones?
    What about the milk you mentioned why is that not good?
    So again I will try the tea tree up her nose { how often do you suggest }, fresh garlic capsules, fresh turmeric capsules, yoghurt, and change her diet like no sugar etc. You think this would be enough.
    Thank you so much.

    Kind regards Petra

  28. anna light says:

    hi may name is anna iam having back surgery nov 7 when they
    ran test before surgery they found i have mssa now iam afraid to have
    back surgery done i was given soap and ointment to put on my back b4 surgery any ideas

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