MRSA Cleaning Tips From Michelle Wells

I wish I could take the credit for this great list, but my dear friend Michelle, one of the many loving regulars on the MRSA forum, is the rightful author. This is a compilation of things we are asked and talk about all the time in regards to keeping your house clean while you are dealing with MRSA. You can read Michelle’s story here.

cleaning-your-house1. Dust the home daily. if not daily then no less than every other day. dust carries dead skin cells and in turn these dead skin cells carry MRSA. the things that make ya go hmmmmm. lol

2. Wash EVERYTHING in ALL hot water. yes, even your darks unfortunately. then dry EVERYTHING to get that extra heat to kill the germs the wash didnt get.

3. Bleach EVERYTHING! this goes for the darks as well here. they have a color safe bleach now and works great.

4. Bedding needs to be washed and or at least changed everyday when having an outbreak. at least 2 times a week when not having an outbreak. its important.

5. DO NOT share razors, clothes, towels, wash cloths, drinks, food and so on. anything you can share, just not a good idea at all.

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6. Throw away that bar soap. Alot of people think, hey its soap, its clean. NO. germs stay on that bar. body soap. our ID doc said to find the most mild soap out there. i have found that lever 2000 in the body soap leaves your skin soft and fresh.

7. Clean with bleach where ever and whenever you can. From the floors to the walls.

8. Use lysol like its going out of style. spray down the phone, light switches, the key board and mouse, fridge doors handle, door knobs, furniture, toilet, remotes, and so on. this needs to be done daily.

9. Buy some antibactirial wipes and clean off the toilet and toilet handle after EACH use. they also should be used on shopping cart handles public toilets and anything else you can think of. i put some in a little sandwhich bag and keep them in my purse. im not going to be the cause of someone else to suffer with this.

10. Wash the person who is infected, their clothes towels and wash cloths seperate from others in the home. it might be a good idea for them to have their own set of towels and wash cloths.

11. Keep the sores covered at ALL times.

12. While a person is broken out it might be a good idea to designate one seat in the livingroom just for them. sharing that seat or part of the couch might be asking for problems. when the are done using it spray it with that handy dandy lysol, or cover their seating area with a sheet.

13. Spray the shower with bleach and let it sit for about 15 minutes before you clean it. this needs to be done after each shower even when not broken out. also in this area, NO MORE BATHS. i know. thats horrible to say. i love my baths as well. but i havent taken one since this all began for me. i shower all the time. my youngest daughter was scared of the shower until i taught her that it was best and for the right reasons.

14. Take hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE. put it in the kids book bags and in your purse even in hubbys breif case. use it when you sneeze or cough if you cant get to a sink to wash. sneezing or coughing is a smooth ride out for MRSA. MRSA is also air born as well so make sure you cover when sneezing and coughing and its important to teach the little ones this as well.

15. Eat healthy. take vitamins if you can. it depends on the meds you are on if you can take vitamins or not. make sure to ask the doctor. with us not being on any meds at this point we take them daily. my kids like the new gum ball ones. lol. but MRSA breaks down the immune system and keeping healthy is needed.

16. Get LOTS of rest. easier said than done i know. but if you think and feel you need a nap and have a chance to, do it. forget about the mess in the kitchen it will be there when you wake up. people with MRSA get tired very easily and we need extra rest. dont feel guilty for doing it.

17. Another i have just been told is carpets. yes carpets. we walk over them everyday. kids lay on them so much. they are around us at all times. shampoo them. im not saying do this everyday. lol. none of us would do anything else if we had to do that too. but take the time maybe 2 times a month and get them cleaned. i rent one but am going to buy one as soon as i can. mine are going to be cleaned this weekend. lol. i had to add that in there this time.

18. Dont share or use roll-on deodorant, it could pass from one arm to the next if you happen to have MRSA boils in your arm-pits. Spray deodorant is a must. You dont want to share with another either.

Remember, MRSA is all over the place. we dont want to add to the mess so please be careful and thoughtful enough to others. dont shake a hand if you know your hands arent clean. dont go shopping and touch everything in site if your hands arent clean. PLEASE for those of you that have little ones that still in a shopping cart, dont let then chew on the handle. i cringe everytime i see that now. they have these things now that you put on the handle to protect your child from just that. also, remember this is HIGHLY contagious and people need to be educated. we are all fighting the same battle. lets make this better for others. i know we can if we just use our brains, hearts and our mouths.


Thanks Michelle – and thank you so much for all you do to help everyone at MRSA Resources – we love you dearly!

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  1. jim says:

    doing some research for computer resistant friend, this is best i have you think old mattresses need to be thrown out? Thank you again for an excellent site.

  2. Chris says:

    Excellent advice..Better than what my dghtr and I got from a doc. But common sense should prevail here. Don’t always take a doc.’s advice, such as soaking in a tub knowing you HAVE an open wound infected with MRSA like ours did or even suggest to someone else that they change “packing” in a person’s wound, (so they can get infected too if they have an open wound) duh! THANK YOU SOOOO VERY MUCH.

  3. Jon Barrett says:

    Hi Michelle,
    Thank you for the article. I do have a couple of disagreements:
    1) Too much bleach use, will cause Indoor Air Qualities to decrease and may lead to asthma, allergic problems. The fumes are extremely toxic, and will corrode most substrates.
    2) Don’t use Lysol. There is an ingredient in Lysol, which is the same as Agent Orange..used during the Vietnam war. Once again, toxic fumes, and asthma incidences will go up.
    3) Bar soap is fine, as long as you rinse the soap off and also your hands, then dry your hands off properly.
    4) Dishwashing liquid is safe to use as a disinfectant, and alcohol free wipes are best for chemical sensitive people.
    I hope this helps, and please contact me at any time.
    Jon Barrett
    Business Development Specialist
    Interior Maintenance Company, Inc.
    Cell# 267-886-7903 or
    # 800-220-6547
    Visit us at

    Specialists in Commercial and Industrial Laboratory Hood and Vent
    Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning, Kitchen and Dryer Vent Cleaning,
    Environmental Decontamination, Microbial Remediation, Building
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  4. jessica says:

    please remember that there are two diffrent kinds of mrsa, and that you can get mrsa from unknowns. I was diagnosed with it and have no clue where it was picked up. MRSA is carried in our noses by OVER a 1/3 of the population. The baths are to FULLY cleanse the wound out you need to soak the affected area in a tub or with hot compresses. Just make sure to bleach fully before and after. this will make it heal quicker and not have re-occuring issuses. Go to your local walgreens and get some hyba-cleanse to wash your body once a week ( to prevent ) or everyday ( to heal). MRSA attacks and is more likely to get infected when your immune system is down and weakened so get your vitimins and veggies alot! I have a family of four and no one has been infected and with two small children it is hard to keep the stuff as crazy as some of that above but great guidelines.

  5. I don’t agree with not using bar soap, just rinse well afterwards. I import Lifebuoy Carbolic Soap into the Europe, USA and Canada and, as is well know, Carbolic Acid was the priciple disinfectant from the 1920’s onwards in Homes, Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, Prisons, Armed Forces etc and it must have been a great help as it is still around. If anyone wants a free 25g sample bar to try out, just let me know.
    Stay healthy and get well soon, Richard.

  6. Don says:

    All really great stuff . I had a swab test for mrsa and it came back positive and since Friday i have been soaking up all that i can find and read on the internet. The Haba Cleanse makes real sense since staph is on the skin and a wound allows the mrsa staph into it. Great idea going to look for it.
    The spray deodorant make sense again eliminating the transfer of the staph.
    I am now searching for a list of foods that can trigger and out break or foods that make an outbreak worse and foods to eat in general.
    Any thing out there on this the subject of food?

  7. Judy says:

    My mother-in-law had MRSA from the hospital and she passed away. She bought a new mattress before getting sick and used it maybe 3 mos. Not sure if MRSA exposure was before or after she stayed on the mattress. If it has plastic over it can the plastic be taken off or should it be thrown out? Are there places that will take it? I get it that it is not good to donate it to Goodwill if you aren’t sure. The hospital did not advise what to do with any personals from the home. Please advise.

  8. Judy says:

    By the way, her MRSA was in 2003 when she passed away and the mattress is stored in a bedroom and not in use. We had it steam cleaned by a rug cleaner once but have not put it in use. We also sprayed lysol spray all over it many times and put it in the sunlight for over a week. It was stored in a garage. Brand new Serta or Sealy.

  9. Cherie says:

    Thank you Michelle! I have been doing these things for a year now, and it does work. My stepson had it this time last year, and we just caught his second suspicious sore yesterday, however there are a few things I learned this second time after a year free of it.
    Note: My stepson goes to his mother’s 3 weekends in a month, so I have no control of that household and both his mother and brother have had it, but I have solutions to gaining that control.
    First let me begin with other things I do in my house in addition to Michelle’s list.
    1) I keep spray peroxide (get it a WalMart) and triple antibiotic ointment handy at all times (even in the car or purse). Any break in the skin is a port of entry, so one should work hard to clean, use ointment, and cover (when possible) all scrapes, cuts, scratches or bug bites. If there are many, clean and apply ointment periodically throughout the day.
    2) This go-round, I used paper towels to clean and dress his little sore. Remember, your hands are contaminated when handling the wound, so wash vigorously afterwards. I even spray my hand with a “little” bleach or peroxide. Remember to wash any ointment tubes or rubbing alcohol / peroxide bottles after your finished. You could have contaminated them while dressing the wound. I lay a towel under his leg when cleaning and dressing, then it goes IMMEDIATELY into the wash with bleach! I also wipe down any furniture I might have touched in the process.
    3) On kids, be vigilant! Check them out a few times a week to be sure there isn’t anything suspicious. MRSA works fast! I caught his this so soon, they could not even culture it this time, but other symptoms (raised red bump, extremely painful, very small white head in the middle). Catching it early reduces the whole drainage puss thing with the wound which is HIGHLY contagious.
    4) CARS! It’s just as important to clean your car: the seatbelts, handles, steering wheel, gear shift, wipe seats down, etc… (This is especially important for me as I pick up my stepson in my car after being at his mom’s. He could potentially pick it up from mom’s house and carry it into the car.) I do it while he is in the special bath I prepare (see below). Keep hand sanitizer in the car. You are at potential risk of picking it up from the shopping carts, money, or the gas station!
    5) I disagree with the bath thing UNLESS it is a proper bleach bath. This is one way to control and eliminate a person who has been infected. We do it twice a week for a month after the sore was first spotted, then back off to once a week. (We used to use antibacterial body wash weekly instead of the weekly bleach bath, but found it’s not enough to just do that if he is coming from a different household.)
    6) Hindsight is 20/20. I believe he was reinfected partly because he had an ear infection (so his immune system was compromised) and had bad drainage from his nose. As Michelle said, it lives in YOUR NOSE. I made the mistake of not having him wash his hands after blowing his nose EVERY time. BIG MISTAKE! It also hides under your finger nails. It’s important to wash your nails with a special brush just for YOU and soap. Make sure it’s not a toothbrush you buy just for this, one could make a mistake and use it. I keep my stepson’s finger nails cliped back and we wash them with peroxide when we finish clipping.
    7) I keep hand sanitizer next to the hand soap. After he washes his hands he rubs the sanitizer on his hands and wipes them on the towel near the sink (which we change out and wash frequently). Kids are bad about the 20 second wash rule, so this should some of what is left behind.
    I do the routine cleaning Michelle described, once a week (Saturdays). I go through the house with my Clorox spray bottle and wet rag and wipe EVERYTHING down: hand rails up the stairs, cupboard handles, parts of the door NEAR the knobs as well because kids touch these places a lot.
    NOTE: Even if you have had MRSA and you decolonize yourself- which is test negative in the nose, don’t get too excited. You can pick it up again! It’s everywhere and many of us carry it even without having symptoms or sores from it.
    I want to say something to all those out there who have a compromised household due to the fact your child goes with the other parent and you have no control what they are exposed to there… You can control what comes into your house. Our little one goes DIRECTLY to the bathroom. He does not pass go or collect $200! LOL He gets his bleach bath (MAKE SURE it’s a properly diluted bleach bath or you could harm your child–more is not better, but the perfect recipe (found online) will work.) THEN, go to the car and take 10 minutes to wipe it down and spray it with Lysol. Make sure to wash ALL clothes that they wear home IMMEDIATELY. AND ALWAYS REMEMBER TO WASH YOUR HAND THOROUGHLY WHEN HANDLING ANY LAUNDRY!!! EVEN AFTER TAKING IT OUT OF THE WASHER AND INTO THE DRYER.
    I know it’s a lot to take in, but once you get it down, there will be less outbreaks if any. At first I felt bad about the second sore we just had and was getting depressed, but then asked, what could I have done differently? I then realized, ANYONE who has had a MRSA outbreak is at potential risk for another outbreak, but there are things we can do and learn on this journey. I now will be very aware to have him wash, wash, wash those hands after blowing his nose. He also need to be taking more vitamins and getting more rest while sick with an ear infection or any sickly condition that is not MRSA related. I also wonder about taking an antibiotic that MRSA was resistant to. If he had been on something for the ear infection that was also was something that would work on MRSA, he might not have gotten this sore while sick….I’m not a doctor, but this makes sense, and next time I will talk to his doctor about this if he has to take an antibotic for something that is not MRSA related as he did this time.
    P.S. I also thought about his shoes. I think the only thing that comes from mom’s house I haven’t cleaned (and yes, I’ve wiped down toys and cleaned silly bands he has brought back with him) is his shoes. I’m rethinking that one too. Maybe special pair we wear there and back but stay in a bag or on the porch until the next weekend. Sounds silly, but if you have had MRSA, one has to be smarter than this smart bacteria! BTW Hubby and I have been clean from it thus far, (and I hate to write this because I am not confident about it). We do not bank on it and take it as a given. We continue to also pray about it. I hope this info. helps in addition to the good info already on here.

  10. Cherie says:

    I need to add that last night I found that there are few products in common stores that the EPA has approved as effective in killing MRSA in your home. A proper bleach solution mixed right before use is effect if you look up online the recipe of parts of bleach to water, however Lowe’s carries Clorox Cleanup “Commercial” strength for a cleaning spray you can use and store in your home that is EPA tried and tested to kill MRSA. Also, Lysol Disinfectant Spray (BE CAREFUL TO FIND THE ONE THAT LISTS MRSA) can be found a WalMart. Of course, they claim you can not use the disinfectant spray to clean porous surfaces such as fabric couch cushions to be effective, but my thoughts are…it doesn’t hurt to spray the Lysol on my carpet and area rugs, and while still damp run the vacuum to add friction to break it up and away. Just a thought. I’m going to use the Lysol to spray the inside of my car after wiping it down with the Commercial Clorox Cleanup. However, I will be using rubber gloves and making sure I do not inhale the toxins. :)

  11. Jamie says:

    We were just told Saturday to put the patient in a bath with bleach to prevent it from spreading to skin close to the infection that is not yet infected, 15 mins 2-3 times daily while having an active infection. We were also notified today that our oldest son has MRSA as well as our youngest, BUT they have DIFFERENT strains, one responds to Bactrum, the other doesnt

  12. Cherie says:

    Do not get discouraged Jamie, as MRSA has different strains, as you can see, but that doesn’t mean the practices are different. Follow the above and just be EXTRA cautious when you have an ‘open wound,’ and you will have it under control. Remember… you can do all you can do but put your faith in Jesus. I have personally been a control freak, and AFTER finding out my child was a MRSA infected carrier, (which was my BIGGEST nightmare as a teacher who had seen this in schools), I found peace with Him. I can do what I can do, and then let go of the rest and let God. :) I hope this helps, but you CANNOT obsess, no matter how bad of a “neat freak “ you can be and try to take control. :) Being aware is the greater part of the battle. Think of those who are ‘not’ and yet their children overcome. I say this because, as a teacher, I’ve witnessed it myself. Be Clean, Cautious, and Conspicuous of any signs of infection, and you will be WELL on your way to heading it off at the pass and limiting outbreaks. :) Good luck and keep in touch. :) BTW, trying to ‘rid’ your child of it, is not reasonable…as you can make the effort and be successful and find a year later to have had them pick it up “again.” I advocate, as much as a ‘neat freak’ as I am, to doing “weekly” cleaning around the house that involves ‘daily’ touching hot spots (door handles, drawer handles, light switches, seatbelt buckles, etc..}, but let the rest go so that one does not eliminate ‘all bacterium’ that helps our immune system grow and get stronger. Being “too clean” can work adversely to our cause to fight reinfection. We need a happy medium.

  13. Carl says:

    thanks for the tips!

  14. Missy says:

    This is a great product for killing MRSA without using harmful chemicals!

  15. Brandy says:

    thank you for your insite. my 3 year old has had it for a month already i thought it was reoccuring diaper rash because he won’t potty train then my 2 year old started with it . took to doc he diagnosed and gave antibotics. fingers crossed it will work. now i will do the mass cleaning of the house to prevent my 10, 5 and my husband and i from getting. i just wish there were more sites out there like this. but one question> i have read alot of site and info on it. but still wondering how they are kept clean and bathed everynight teeth brushed and i dont’ go anywhere i am afraid of them getting sick. i know i worry to much. but look what happens when i think they are safe. and how long can this linger around and what other antibotics and courses are there for treatments if this bactrim doesn’t work>>>> ughh so fustrated???????

  16. Cherie says:

    @ Brandy, You could drive yourself crazy worrying about it. Follow much of what people have posted on here, and the best thing is to keep your family’s immune system good- take vitiamins w/ immunity boosters. You can only control what you can control, and you can be too clean in your house which doesn’t allow children to be exposed to germs and have them build their immunity naturally. It’s a balance, but most of all just be aware and vigilant. :)

  17. john says:

    Thank you so much! My girlfriend had a small burn ob her finger that got infected with mesa. We never even herd of mrsa b4 this infection. So thank you for the info and pleas ppl follow these instructions so you and your loved ones don’t have to deal with this!

  18. frank says:

    Thank you all for the info!! I just found out yesterday from my derm that i have mrsa from this boil that got infected :( im in the freakin out mode trying to find info on what to do and what not to do to prevent future outbreaks.

    I wanted to thank Cherie for her kind words. that helped me feel better! im agnostic but am thankful for your kind words :)

  19. Great tips! I really enjoyed reading this article!

  20. Good information, however there are plenty of professional companies out there who will take of these tasks. They specialize in these sorts of things. Normal cleaning companies won’t touch these situations.

  21. Kelly says:

    I was vacuming a rug that hasn’t been vacumed in a very long time. A person who has mrsa lives there. When emptying the canister a huge amount of dust blew in my face as I was breathing in. My lungs have been hurting ever since. Coughing and sick, Can they test for mrsa from phlem you cough up?

  22. JW says:

    I am in the exact same situation as Frank. I have never dealt with anything like this in my life. So much information, so many things contradicting. I am not physically able to do all this daily cleaning, (Definantly NOT financially & I do not know what to do-HELP) but I have always been a neat & clean person. My daughter & grand-babies are moving here & in with me, and I just found this out less than a week before their coming. I am scared, petrified, and do not know WHAT to do. :'( I have sprayed Lysol everywhere, and using chlorox wipes everywhere, but I am such a scared, nervous wreck. Someone please help me.

  23. JW says:

    I am in the exact same situation as Frank. I have never dealt with anything like this in my life. So much information, so many things contradicting. I am not physically able to do all this daily cleaning, Definantly NOT financially & I do not know what to do-HELP, but I have always been a neat & clean person. My daughter & grand-babies are moving here & in with me, and I just found this out less than a week before their coming. I am scared, petrified, and do not know WHAT to do! I have sprayed Lysol everywhere, and using clorox wipes everywhere, but I am such a scared, nervous wreck. Someone please help me.

  24. Lea Moravec says:

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  25. Mandy says:

    A side note on the baths… This makes me so sad because after moving into our new home with a bathtub that I love, realized I was possibly reinfecting myself. I was given the antibiotic wash and told to “bathe” with it. I was someone who did not know the severity of staph/MRSA. I was seen at my family doctor thinking I had an infected bite! I was dismissed and told not to worry about it because it’s so common and easily treatable. So being trustworthy with my doc that’s always lead me in the right direction before believes and did as was told. Thats been over 14 months ago and was told I possibly have MRSA. My last outbreak this weekend was in my face! Patients are being misinformed and not being given information about this super bug. No wonder we have an outbreak of this awful super
    bug! I believe my case could’ve been nip in the bud if it would’ve been treated correctly and information given my first outbreak! I was never cultured! I was never given information on cleaning. I never knew the gunk from boils was catagious! I would soak my boils in the tub and never knew to clean. My second outbreak was bad! It was then I popped open google! I was irate. Dealing with this super bug and trying to keep my sanity.

  26. christy says:

    Thank You for all the great tips. My husband is a diabled veteran and was just dignosed with MRSA and the VA doctor acted like it was no big deal because it never showed up on his CBC’s. But to me it is a big deal, I have 3 children at home all who are very active in sports. What gets me is that we’ve been going through these type infections since February and they just now did a culture on this new infection at the surgical site on his back, it is the same place where the infection keeps comming back at. Now I’m really wondering if they even know how to treat MRSA. Thank You all for your great advice. If anyone has anymore please let me know.

  27. Brenda says:

    I have been reading about MRSA after learning a friend has it and has actually asked for any knowledge I may have.
    Has anyone heard of collodial silver? Please research this!! I have used for many years and many things and have found it 100% effective!
    Google search – collodial silver and mrsa

  28. William says:

    The cleaner that we are using in our athletic department is called Monofoil from Texon Antimicrobial. We decided to purchase it because it is shown in efficacy studies to work for months at a time! We do not have the manpower to keep up with the cleaning that is now needed in our facility on gym equipment, lockers, pads, mats etc. We still clean but Monofoil is our proactive measure against the expense and danger of bacterial infections. Since the average cot of treating can be near $30,000 we cannot afford not to!

  29. Cindy says:

    I could not disagree more with some of the comments above regarding using certain mentioned products. Hand sanitizers, chemicals that have long dwell times, such as Lysol, and chemicals that leach are not great to use. Lysol takes quite some time to activate. Read the back of the can. There are indeed a number of Antimicrobial products that work 24/7/90 days. Agree with William, I have read up about MonoFoil and several others that are proven using the DOW Aegis molecule.

  30. On KE Diet: Maybe buy a juicer and drink it. But that’s just me, I like to taste things and I also like to avoid feeding tubes when I can.

  31. roma tomato says:

    To everyone suffering from MRSA I understand about this. The sad thing is it’s easier than everyone can imagine what the cause is, but the appropriate agencies won’t get involved, I have tried.

    (f.y.i.-I do not have spellcheck on my phone device, so please forgive any misspelled words, thank you.)

    Probematic Areas Causing MRSA:
    #1-ALL Fabrics,Mesh of ALL TYPES,sutures, yarns, clothing, hospital wear,etc, and more
    #2-Polyethelene, ALL Plasic Products, Medical Plastics included
    #3-Genetically Enhanced Spider/Goat Silk

    All of the above are the reasons for suffering from the following:
    # 1-MRSA
    # 2-Fiberrmyalgia
    # 3-Morgellons
    # 4-(Acne) Acne is only caused from a hormnal situation, doctors insist that what patients are going through with respective “Bumps with White Discharge” in them is ‘Acne’, when all along it is not.This is dangerously a possible fatal mistake on an M.D.’s part. I explain a little further below.
    # 5-(Shingles) Unless an actual test sample has been done of the Shingles site, you must assume “Branchworm” to be the cause of the illness, period. I further explain below:

    I come from the medical world, however DaVinci didn’t and look at all the genious he brought the world of Medicne. I am not a doctor, but I have been conducting a study for the past four years on “Branchworm” – something you have never heard of until now.

    “Branchworm” is a “Venom” type that is at times thinner than hair, clear, or red, or blue, or green, or whateve color the manufacturer wants to make a said product. If product is made from anything representative of “SpiderSilk/Goatsilk”, then as process will take it into a further “Manipulative Genetics to Multiply”,we further a horror road of venom spider webs that turn into “The Venom Worms”, thus giving it the name “Branchworm” because of the growth directions/base on its Victims.

    “Branchworm” is why it bears the name, if you will, an “All Avenues Covered” type that litterally makes a map of your skin-both internally and externally, all while pushing upward through the layers of derma making ugly puscule white center or just red or just flesh colored bumps. Simply putting it. Depending on the diffculty of the push is how angry “Branchworm” can get.

    I don’t need to go over the symptoms of”MRSA”, but Wikipedia has a wonderful knowledge base of everything listed above for you to learn. I will help you out with a few most common below:

    # 1-Bumps of ALL colors
    # 2-An itch you have never experienced, it might start at the nose, eyes, eyebrows, mouth, ears, neck, scalp
    # 3-Attitude changes might be tiredness, negative speach or tone, upset over little things, bursts of anger-even screams to settle what termoil is going on from the ‘Venom’ of “Branchworm”, not putting everything to blame on “Branchworm”, but if Our Nations Support Systems do not get involved in stopping the Scientists that started this,we ALL will get sicker.

    In the United States-Cheryl Hayashi-Biologist/Professor at University of California Riverside heavy into SpiderSilk. At Tufts University – in Mass. AUTHOR: David L. Kaplan – Patent Application Class Name: Coating Processes/Medical or Dental Purpose Products; Parts; Subcombinations; Intermediate;(e.g., Balloon Catheter, Splint) Implantable Permanent Prosthesis (i.e. Artificial Body Member), (e.g.,Pacemaker, Lens, Cornea, Glaucoma Shunt, Heart Valve, Muscle, Spinal Disc, Breast, Internal Organ) Publication Date: 09-17-2009 – PATENT APPLICATION#: 20090232963~~Mr. David L. Kaplan has several patents on Spider Silk Products as you will see if you look on the intenet, several listed components have already been recalled from manufacturing due to complications, lawsuits have been filed for deaths related to heart valves replacement not working corectly, the list continues and will continue. Our United States District Courts issuing U.S. Patents need to have a review for anything that will make us sick. The Scientists are responsible as well as any corpoartion promoting ANY PRODUCT containing Spider Silk, period. I read report that the stuff in SpiderSilk was a cure for Cancer Well, Mr.&Mrs. Scientists cancer does not nor has it ever been a factor in my family, but 3 members of my family have it,one of them just died 60 minutes ago. Stop stem cell research because you are making us sick!

    More SpiderSilk Patents: PATENT#U.S.#W0/2006/076711, Canadian Patents of ‘Surgical Sutures Containing Spider Silk’ by Nexia Biotechnologies, Inc. – PATENT#W0/2001/056626-AUTHOR:”Karatzas”, ABSTRACT: Karatzas, Costas, N251 Sherwood Beaconsfield, Quebec H9W2H04, British Columbia.

    The Grandfather of Spider Silk is dead his name is Nathan O. Kaplan he formed the first mice testing. The first case of MRSA was noticed in 1961 this is the time frame he started playing with Spiders and Goats-turning the poor little goat’s belly into a “Lactation Monster”, and our dollars are paying for this animal abuse that turns on humans after Scientists have their toys played-out.I say we need to review ALL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH programs to insure no beings either human or animal will be harmed. As I was familiarizing myself with the Scientsts involved with Spider Silk Reserch, one of them was deemed”Mentally Insane”, however due to his level of intellect,he was given high rank in research,as mentioned SDSU-San Diego As we all have issues in life we are dealing with, we mght want to pay attetion to the “Research Studies” going on.When my book is ready, I will let you all know.

  32. ann says:

    how long will MRSA remain on a hard surface, couches, etc.?

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