MRSA in Suffolk, VA Jail


Suffolk, Virginia’s Western Tidewater Regional Jail has been having recent problems with MRSA. They have not released the type of infections, nor the numbers, but they do say that they have been working with the health department to put in place better procedures for control and prevention.

In order to keep the panic to a minimum (my guess), Dr. Lisa McCoy of the Western Tidewater Health District says:

Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, is unusual because it is resistant to common antibiotics, but it can be treated easily.

Not always, Dr. McCoy.


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3 Responses to MRSA in Suffolk, VA Jail

  1. cynthia sessoms says:

    my husband lamonte sessoms is in jail on t kemp rd in louisburg and something bit him he caught mrsa and he hada big hole inhis leg is ang i can do about that

  2. Karma Livingston says:

    Cynthia that sounds like your husband was bit by a brown spider, I’ve heard of that before. What happens is the spider eats away at your skin until it makes a hole. He needs to get it cut out for it eats down to his bone. It very serious

  3. Josh says:

    A brown recluse will do that sort of damage. Antibiotics are needed.

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