MRSA Lecture at NHM in London

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Professor Nick White is giving a lecture on Monday, November 20th at London’s Natural History Museum on MRSA and other bacterial and viral “plagues.” About the lecture, from the museum’s site:

SARS, MRSA, bird flu, HIV… one way or another, we’re all doomed. That’s if you believe recent media reports. So what is the truth? With more and more diseases right on our doorstep, what are the risks? […]

Tickets: £12, £9 concessions and Members, £6 students. Booking is essential, please call +44 (0)20 7942 5555

In addition, there is online registration at the site as well. Hope to hear from someone who attends, please feel free to email or comment!

FYI – Another lecture from Professor Nick White

And thank you to Hsien for the lovely photo of the advertisement she stumbled across in London!

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