New MRSA Statistics

Mike, The Mad Biologist , recently attended a Network on Antimicrobial Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus meeting, and came out with some new statistics that you will want to see. Here are a couple of highlights, be sure and read the whole story at Mike’s blog:

  • 43% of all skin infections in the U.S. are the result of one strain of MRSA. Not 43% of staphylococcal infections. All skin infections. [Whoa.]
  • Most MRSA used to be hospital-acquired (the infection began after 48 hours had be spent in the hospital; ‘HA-MRSA’). Now, roughly 75% of MRSA are either community-acquired (the patient enters the hospital infected and onset occurs before 24 hours has been spent in the hospital; ‘CA-MRSA’) or hospital-associated community onset MRSA (onset occurs between 24-48 hours of hospital entry; ‘HACO-MRSA’). [That is a huge number!]

Thanks for sharing the info, Mike!

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8 Responses to New MRSA Statistics

  1. lovejoe says:


  2. alana says:

    Hey, i need some statistics, not what u gave me, but it is good for people to know the info that you stated!!

  3. Paula Eckenrode says:

    Im not sure what good this will do,but in June of this year 2008,I lost my mother and it was a short time after being infected with mrsa.She passed on 6/6/08.I,love my mother very much and I do not believe she would have died if not for this.She was suffering so badly,she had to have blood because mrsa had taken all her red blood cells.I,watched her go down hill quickly.She had to go on life support and then came the request to take her off.Its the hardest thing I ever had to do.She died within minutes.I,really feel for anyone that has to go through this and yes I would like to know the statistics in Maryland as well.Oh by the way she was in ICU.She is at piece now,but still feel guilty over my decision.

  4. So Sad says:

    Hi Paula ..

    Oh my gosh. I feel so badly for you for the loss of your mother. My condolences to you.

    Please do not feel guilty over the decision you had to make. You’re right … your mother is at peace now.

  5. Ray Kelly says:

    My father was admitted to ER in hospital in Ireland for a chest xray. They inserted an IV and discharged him. Five days later his hand swelled with an open wound and he was readmitted. He was diagnosed with HA-MRSA. He died on Halloween after spending one month in hospital….all for a chest xray!!

  6. Chas says:

    To Miss Paula. Its hard to lose anyone, as you know. The way your Mother went was tragic and my condolences to you and your family. Please do not feel guilty for the decision that you and your loved ones made. Its awful to see someone you love on life support, and Im sure you know how rare it is that someone will come off by themselves. Could you imagine if you had to only breath through a straw for any amount of time? Try to do it sometime, for even one minute….this is the amount of oxygen a person on life support is getting. It may be enough to sustain life, but it is just flat out painful. I felt like I was unable to breath.
    Anyway, you did not take your mothers life, you set her free from sufferage and pain. So there is no need for guilt, your decision was made from love.

  7. amber says:

    hey i still have my mom but i lost my grandma and iknow how heard it is to loose someone you love and god do things for a reason so there had t be a reason why your god wanted your mom close to him:(

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